New Personal Record
Now that I'm starting to get back into running a little bit, I decided that it's just ludicrous to go by my old PR's. I'm at total and complete peace with the fact that they will never happen again. So I decided that I would just start a new set of 'normal' PR's. Well, I broke my new 5k PR last night at the Long Run benefiting JL Long Middle School. I ran 8 minute mile pace. Last month I made my re-debut into the running scene with a 26:35 at the Freedom Run. Not bad times considering the fact that I rarely log 10 miles a week. I won the 20-29 age group last night...only had to beat one person to do that, but I'm proud of my medal anyway! We weren't able to get any good pictures last night, so I took the best one and took the abstract, artistic approach! I currently hold the world record for longest legs.

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Joy Through Cooking said...

yes Im reading from the start. This may take 5 years. But wanted to tell ya - I broke 8 min/mile pace in a 5k last summer (I think my splits were like 6:45, 7:45 and then like 10 min flat... lovely positive splits). Anyhoo. I was beyond proud. I have come so far from HS ;)