Rodeo Cowboy
This is my first try at a homemade cowboy costume for James. A few modifications to the blingy belt buckle and we should be all set. I'm very proud of my handiwork on this one. A stack of fabric sure can look cute if you do the right things to it. I hoping to have a saddle for Gracie within the next few days! Grampy is amazed at how Texan James looks...well, for now he's a Texan so we'll go with it!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job! I made my nephew a superman costume a LOOOOONG time ago (think he was 4, he's 24 now and doesn't wear it any more :-)) But he LOVED it and role played in it literally for a month. He insisted on wearing it to bed and under his clothes. Wore the thing to shreds. I kept telling my sis-in-law to PLEASE watch him because I was afraid he'd try to jump off something and get hurt - I was so worried about that. But this costume you made is really fun and he must have loved it.