Reading is Bad
April 20, 2007

We put James to bed around 8 o'clock last night. Teeth were brushed, prayers were said, and the only thing left to do was deposit James into his crib. We tucked him in tightly with his favorite blanket and wound up his animal themed mobile. Generally, the mobile is enough to lull him to sleep, but last night he had a new request..."Mommy, book?" My heart just melted. "Ohhhh, my little boy wants to read before bed! How sophisticated!" I handed him one of his favorite board books by Max Lucado, an adorable tale about how God made each of us special.

My heart was full with visions of James falling to sleep with fresh, spiritual thoughts circling in his little mind. Until Jared chimed in:

"WHAT are you doing?" He demanded.

"Um, I'm letting James look at a book before he falls asleep," I replied.
"Why?! Oh c'mon Amy...he doesn't need that! You're going to turn him into a high-maintenance sleeper. Super Nanny would sooooo not like what you're doing!!"

"Are you serious? You don't want our kid reading before bed? Reading before bed is a good habit for kids to get into, Jared."

"Not according to Super Nanny. He should be able to fall asleep on his own. I DON'T like this, Amy."
"Well Jared............................................kiss my butt."

Yes friends, I actually reverted to the age-old seventh grade retort. I told my husband to kiss my butt. I was at a loss for words. I simply didn't know how to reply to his twisted interpretation of Super Nanny's advice. I love her--and it hurts me deeply when I hear her universal wisdom defiled.

On second thought, maybe Jared is right. Maybe reading before bed will hurt our child. That's it, no more books--we're getting a TV, a DVD player, an x-box and a kareoke machine for James's room. I know it will be expensive, but the last thing I want to do is hinder my child's development.'s good think I've got Jared. And it's a really good thing that he's got Jo the Super Nanny! No more books in this house.


Vanilla said...

I am in full support of a "no books" policy. All they do is put ideas in kids heads. You should see how quiet my boys are after 3 hours of TV.

Samye said...

Love it... I think we will get an Xbox for Halle's room too! That would help her out a lot!!