The First (and last) Ever "Lawsons do Dallas" Dog Naming Contest
May 25, 2007

It looks like Alex the dog will be staying for a least through the weekend. Jared doesn't like the name Alex, but has yet to suggest anything better, so we're leaving it up to you, our loyal readers.

Here are the vital statistics...

Animal: dog
Breed: catahoula
Age: about six months
Color: black, grey and gold
Temperment: nice
Hobbies and Interests: running, jumping, baseball, following people home, sleeping, eating, playing, eating board books, eating bones, soap operas, tail wagging, Asian cuisine, herding, pooping, blinking, scratching, and staring.

Here are a few names that we are considering [please note: Jared or his brother Daniel thought up the dumb-ish ones]:

Texas related names: Tex, Dallas, Ranger, Cowboy
Baseball related names: Yaz, Ortiz, Fenway, Sinker, Slider, Slugger or Dice-K
Classic Dog-type names: Spot, Scooter, Pal, Scruffy
People names: Rusty, Gus, Peter, Henry, Charlie, Ed, JD, Max, Pablo, Juan or Itchy
Other random names: Speedy, Pre, Snicker, Buba, Strider, Tooter, Six Pack, Plunger, Paycheck, Pickmeup, Pick-up-truck, Stinky, Weenie or Whoopass

Cast your vote...or better yet, make up your own!

The winning name will be chosen whenever we feel like it (probably after the holiday weekend), and the lucky winner will recieve one catahoula dog shipped via UPS ground.

Now get to it!


Katy Shamitz said...

Rob, Ty and I like Rusty and Manny, or to honor his Southwestern heritage: Jose, Juan, Carlos, or Jorge.

Just accept the fact that he's your dog.

Welcome to the family, dog... I'm your Auntie Katy.

Grandma said...

Dad votes for Alex. I wish that dog could talk and tell you where he came from and how he happened to find you. I guess I vote for Lucky :)

Anonymous said...

I vote Gus. I have a soft spot for it though since I had a dog with that name.

Otherwise I vote Newmann

Friend of Katy from Ivillage

Amy said...

How about Huey? Sort of a play on "catahoula." Plus, the name is clearly connected to Ducktales (you know you watched it) and will bring with it all the cool things one can learn from the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook.

Disclaimer: If I win the prize and a dog shows up at my door, I won't be held responsible for the fact that my husband hates dogs and has killed at least one I know about. (He claims it was an accident.)

sarah said...

not to unfairly influence others with my arse-kickin' names but how bout...
Tank or
Pistol or
if we win you have to keep him until Christmas

Ian said...

I like Fenway. You want to be careful with current player names as I almost had a dog named Damon who I'm sure would still be struggling to figure out why he had a new name.

I also like Trigger as a dog's name.

Amy said...

you're right. We almost named our son Jonathan Damon Lawson. We would have had to give him away.

Anonymous said...

Fenway or Gus! If a dog shows up at my doorstep, you have some unbelievable googling powers! Good luck with him!

Anonymous said...