Get Out of My Life...
May 24, 2007

Our life has been singly focused since Alex the dog showed up on Monday morning. He's been all we can think about, and we think that we have very mixed feelings. He's a good dog--already house broken, knows how to sit, walks well on a leash, yada, yada, yada--but I still wish he had never showed up.

I miss the days of forgetting I had a dog, because Gracie is just so darn low maintenance. She can hold it for like 22 hours, is awake for about 15 minutes a day and barks twice annually. Alex, on the other hand, has spunk and charisma...he knows how to wag his tail. Gracie would hurl herself off the edge of the Grand Canyon to chase the path of a poisonous, airborn kibble. Alex is smart and unquestionably loyal...and seriously, who wants that in a dog? (that was sarcastic)

I'm sure you can sense my Alex-struggle as I write. If you were to snoop in on our personal converstaions, you would sense it even more. Here is a sampling from last night:

At Dinner
Amy: I want this dog gone. I wish he had never followed us home that day. Stupid dog.

Jared: I don't know, Amy...I think he'd make a good running partner for you.

Amy: Really? You think? He could probably carry my water and cell phone for me on long runs. The doggie backpack that I picked out has room for both.

After American Idol
Jared: Ok, there's too many bodies in the apartment...he's got to go.

Amy: Well good, because I found someone who wants to meet him. He's going to call after 5.

Jared: Oh? Oh. Well I'm not handing him over if this guy's a way. It's got to be a good home. Like a really good home.

Amy: I totally agree.

Jared: And besides, this dog hasn't been camping yet. I think he wants to go camping.

In Bed
Amy: Yeah, so a bunch of people think that Alex picked me. Like he came for a reason. Cassie even said that he's like an angel and I should embrace this blessing in my life.

Jared: Seriously?

Amy: I know....c'mon. A little over the top for my taste.


Jared: I think that God might have sent him for a reason. Maybe something is going to happen to you and Alex will be there to protect you from harm. Maybe the dog is going to pull James out of a raging river in a few years. I agree. He's been sent here to protect this family.

Amy: Good night.

Jared: Don't forget to thank God for watching out for us when you say your prayers tonight.

Amy: Good night.

Anyway, some guy named JR wants to meet Alex tonight. Apparently JR recently lost his catahoula, so they could be a great match for each other--a perfect match actually. The personality profile, background check, non-stress test, credit check, bloodwork, and written driving test that we do on JR should help us determine that.

I hope it all works out, and JR takes him. I want this dog out of my life and gone...just as soon as I finish massaging his paws with this soothing, scented aloe lotion.

Stupid dog.


Cathy said...

Okay, I am addicted to your blog - I now check it daily. You always make me laugh (and I need that) but today you also made me tear up a bit as I read about Alex. I'm kinda hoping JR doesn't work out.


Amy said...

Hey Cathy!!
I know...I totally agree. A big piece of me is hoping to get "stuck" with this dog. He's so well behaved and so sweet.
I'll keep you posted on how it all works out...

Brittney said...

Ummmm..I hate to say it but I think you got yourself another dog! :-)

And, I second the addiction to your blog. I added it to my favorite list a couple days ago.

Brittney & Sir Edison, the world's cutest half boston terrier, half rat terrier running partner.

picoides said...

I'll hate to see Alex go if JR works out! I like reading about him and of course I looooovvvvveeee your blogs! Are you sure you can't use another dog? Gracie really needs a friend.

Rob & Katy said...

just keep him already. you know you want to.

Toad and Sue said...

Really...your blog isn't that great. Someones got to keep you humble, my gosh! Reading your blog just makes my want to wake up at 6 am on a perfectly restful Sunday morning and try to run 13.1 miles at your crazy cheetah pace just so I can hang out with you.
You and your so called humor are that addicting, it's true.
your proud Clydesdale friend