My Friend Sarah
June 7, 2007

This morning, as I caught up on the world's most important news and headlines [read: friend's blogs], I was delighted to discover that I was featured in one. Since Sarah was kind enough to give me a mention, I strongly feel that she deserves one too. You know how it goes with friends--I scratch your back and you scratch mine; I pinch your butt and you pinch mine; I squish your kitchen ants and you squish mine. Blogging shouldn't be any exception to the reciprocal trends of friendship, so here goes!

If you're curious, I would strongly encourage you to check out Sarah's blog at There you will find many pictures of her smashingly good-looking husband Tom, her two cute-as-a-button daughters, and her own painstakingly sculpted body. You will also find a flattering mention of me.

If you chose to visit Sarah's site, you will quickly realize that we are cut from very different molds. In other words, Sarah is a hell of a lot smarter and more refined than I'll ever be. She loves to travel, has an appreciation for the fine arts, has no TV, enjoys obscure ethnic cuisine, and reads the newspaper a lot. Then there's me. I'm like, "Hey Jared, grab my pepperoni hot pocket out of the microwave and come watch the Tyra Banks show with me. You can finish your Archie comic book later!"

The other day Sarah and I were working out at the YMCA. When we got off of our treadmills Sarah was like, "Oh Amy, what'd you think of that Democratic debate on CNN? That was something else, huh?" I was all, "Huh? Why weren't you watching Wife Swap? Dude, you missed it when the speed eater traded places with the figure skater. It was insane!!!" But somehow, we're friends.

The piece of her blog that really had me laughing was the blurb about wedding announcements in the New York Times. Yikes! Those are whoop-ass-crrrazy! Read them and you'll see. They did however, inspire me to think about my own wedding announcement. Well, I never actually submitted an announcement to my local newspaper--probably because it would have said this:

Amy Boucher and Jared Lawson will be married on August 3rd, 2002. The couple met at a volleyball game at church. Jared told Amy how much she sucked at sports, and Amy told Jared that he sucked, too. Love soon followed.
Amy is planning to finish her Bachelor's degree from the University of Maine this December. Her parents will be incredibly upset if she does not. Currently, Amy works as an intern for the Town of Orono, Maine making six dollars per hour. Since the position is temporary, the bride will be unemployed one week after returning from the couple's honeymoon to Disney World.
Jared is employed as a waiter at a restaurant that is scheduled to close its doors in December. Due to an administrative oversight, the groom earned a high school diploma from Hampden Academy in 1998. He is currently enrolled in community college with no major. He can, however, throw a mean 360 on skis.
The couple will reside in a 500 square-foot apartment in Orono, Maine. It is not up to code.

I don't know, maybe I should have published it. And come to think of it, Sarah's wedding announcement probably would have been very similar to my own. Maybe that's why we hit it off so well. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, Sarah!

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Amy said...

Thanks for sending me over to Sarah's blog. Loved the wedding announcements.

Grandma said...

too bad all announcements aren't written that way...yours w/ a p.s. happily married 5 yrs. this Aug. :)

The Ramos Family said...

I am prepared to send you chocolate chip cookies (or any other flavor, of your choosing) for the opportunity to be featured in your blog.

I understand that we have only met for one actual day of our lives, but I give you full authority to make stuff up.

Please send your mailing address to me and your cookies will be delivered.

brokensnowpea said...

I told you on the first day you met Jared (the very same volleyball game mentioned) that you were going to marry him. Doesn't that count for something? :)

Toad and Sue said...

I’m glad the Tyra banks show has filled the gaping hole that was left in your life when the Jerry Springer show was canceled, that’s good. Hey being as refined as I am isn’t all that great. Really Amy, there are other perks to being addicted to American Idol. For instance, all my cyberish friends, including my own MOTHER keep calling me up and saying “man, that blog is funny!” and when I’m like, “thanks, I really…” they cut me off with “I think I’m gonna have to check Amy’s blog everyday.” See, being refined sucks. Thanks for the delicate and touching post. xo