Random Ramblings
July 16, 2007

Yeah, so other than trying to figure out the logistics of the chiropractic practice that we'll be opening in about six months, I don't really have anything going on today. I woke up this morning feeling motivated to lose ten pounds. Breakfast went pretty well, and if you're ok with potato chips, then I stayed on the wagon for lunch, too. But of course, it's all been shot to hell with a brownie sundae. Whatever. Who cares? I didn't want to look all skinny anyway. Everyone knows that skinny girls are boring.

What else? I'm starting a new 5k training plan today. So pack up your "Go Amy" foam fingers, because I've officially stepped down from half-marathoning until the summer is over. I like this training plan because it only has me running 4 days a week, and recently I've been nothing more than a lazy sack of sha-dingz-nit, so every other day is good. I haven't been nearly as motivated to run as I usually am, so I think I need a goal--something to work toward. It's going to be an Elvis themed run on August 18th. I checked out the pictures from last year's event, and the winner looked remarkebly similar to Elvis in his chunky days, so I don't think it's a super competitive event--just the way I like it. I'm going to wear some rhinestones, and to quote myself, "I'm gonna win me a trophy." At least I hope I do, because I'm a serious hardware ho.

And other than that, I received a blog-topic request from an old roomate this morning. My friend Sarah messaged me on facebook, kindly suggesting that I write about the apartment we shared in college. This, my friends, is a very bloggable topic. So stay tuned, because this co-ed palace had ply-wood counter tops--cha ching!
And, as always, if you ever have and bloggable topic suggestions, go ahead and send them my way. I also give fantastically reliable stock-market advice.


Michemily said...

I'm training for . . . um, I can't think of anything. I'm training to speak German!

ali said...

I'll definitely pull out my 'go amy' foam finger.

Bring on the co-ed college stories!

Grandma said...

Elvis died on 8/16/77. I was in the hospital after having Katy on 8/14.(oh great now everyone can figure out Katy's age!sorry Katy, but I'm sure Amy would eventually blog it anyhow!) I remember the nurses were crying in the hallway. Elvis would be proud that you are training in his honor! xo