Shout Outs!
July 18, 2007

Today, I just feel like doing some shout outs. I'm in a great mood, I'm feeling pretty happy about the people I know, and I just feel like telling the whole friggen universe about it. I'm thinking about turning Shout Outs! into a bi-weekly or monthly thing on this blog, so let me know what you think. Who knows...maybe you'll do something spectacular enough to make it into the next edition.

So here we go...some Shout Outs! to my old friends and new friends, my near friends and far friends, and of course, my cyber (aka I don't even know if they really exist) friends.

Shout Out! numero one goes to an old, long lost friend (drum roll please):


Courtney and I went to high school together. We both played in the jazz band, and we were on the track team, too. It turns out that Courtney had some genuine musical talent, and is a real-deal musician who is currently on tour. You can also download her stuff on itunes. I mean holy-freaking-cow you guys, that's cool. I don't care if she's eating pinto beans straight out of the can and sleeping in the trunk of a Buick, in my opinion, Courtney Robbins has arrived. You can learn more about my long lost friend by clicking here, or here. She'll be in Utah, Colorado, California and a zillion other places--so go get a babysitter and listen to a girl who can beat the crapola out of an acoustic guitar. Oh, if you do go see Courtney in concert, tell her I say 'whatup.' Just don't give her a hug from me, she doesn't like hugs--she much prefers the old fashioned belly bop.

Shout Out! numero two goes to a freaking hilarious cyber friend:


Vanilla is the brains behind the radical running blog called Half-Fast (how's that for a play on words?). I don't know Vanilla in real life and I actually don't even know what his name is, but I'm holding out hope that his mama didn't name him after her favorite ice cream flavor--because seriously, who likes vanilla the best? That would be lame-o. Anyway, I don't know this man, but if we lived close by and drinking wasn't against my religion, I bet we'd have a hell of a laugh over a beer or two. Vanilla doesn't have any songs on itunes, or any musical talent that I know of, so that's not why he earned the Shout Out! He gets the honors because his most recent post (the one with the picture of enormous middle finger) had me snarfing for oxygen in Starbucks. So get reading.

And the final Shout Out! of the afternoon goes to a friend in Dallas:


Never in my life have I met a grown-up who's so excited about wearing her pink shirt, slithering like a snake, standing like a tree, and dancing to The Wiggles. I freaking love this lady, and the fantastic story hour that she puts together every Wednesday morning. Infants love her, pre-teens love her, nannies love her, grandmothers love her, and James love her. Today she did this crazy Five Little Monkeys bit that involved a furry glove, lots of jumping, mini monkeys getting thrown all over the library, and two zillion screaming kids. Miss Suzy was all like "Forget the books. Books are booooring. Let's get crazy!" I was sitting right in the middle of the chaos just thinking, "Miss Suzy, I love you. Can you come home with me?"

So there ya have it guys. Go click some links and if you live in Dallas, bring a coffee to Miss Suzy--she loves Starbucks. And of course, a big ass Shout Out! goes to all of my readers. And an even bigger one goes to my commenting readers--I have left each and every one of them a prized possession in my will. See? You should be commenting, too.


Michemily said...

Where do you get all those cool pictures that go with your subjects? I'm going to start reading Vanilla's blog . . .

Vanilla said...

Thanks for the shout out! My real name is Rumplestiltskin, Ian Rumplestiltskin. One of those is true.

If you're ever in Denver let me know. We can go out and share some laughs while you watch me drink. :D

kel said...

I'm giving you a shout out. My transition back into reality this week has left something to be desired. Howevever, I used many hours catching up on your blogtastic life so thanks! The wedding blogs were fab but I think the one about my Pop's chair took the cake. What do you expect? The guy still chooses to bring his trash to the dump himself!

Amy said...

Mich--I just search on google images, you'd be amazed what you find. But I'm fully expecting to get arrest for some sort of copyright violation this year.

Rump--I like your name. Thanks for sharing.

e. beck said...

i have been following links and links and links....and got to your blog...... i think the hyperlink i clicked said HYSTERICAL ..... and now i've just read about what? the last few months of your life..... james is one lucky kid.......