What's Your Favorite?
July 28, 2007

It sure is a bummer when you buy a rotten watermelon from the grocery store, isn't it? Well, not for Jared. Right now, as I type, Jared is putting the entire ten pound watermelon down our circa 1970 garbage disposal. Jared is convinced that this method of watermelon disposal is far easier than the conventional method I like to call the 'trash can.'

Obviously, the garbage disposal is Jared's very favorite kitchen appliance in the whole, wide world.

What's yours?
What's your favorite small kitchen appliance?
The garbage disposal
The ice cream maker
The George Foreman Grill
The 'set it and forget it' rotisserie oven
The toaster
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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I needed my "fix"!! Of course, you didn't disappoint and had me laughing, and my son!!

OK, yes, I am the only one who picked the toaster!! And I am actually upset with my current one because it is not a four slice :(

Thank you once again for your writings!!


Jen said...

Amy, my dear, you forgot nearly everyone's favorite appliance - the coffee pot! Where would I be without it on those early mornings getting up to teach the kiddies . . .

I dare not think about it. It's too grim.

Vanilla said...

My wife's late Grandmother once managed to trap a mouse under a tea cup on her counter. Not knowing what to do next she slid the cup down into the sink until the mouse fell down the drain. You can probably see where this is headed, but the mouse now knows what it's like to be a rotten watermelon.

So I had to vote for the garbage disposal, because it also can serve as a rodent exterminator.

Rob & Katy said...

be a guy thing. rob once put a thanksgiving turkey neck in ours.