Seven Fun Facts About Me
November 7, 2007

Yesterday, I was tagged by Heather. I'm supposed to write down seven random and interesting facts about myself.
This is a whole lot harder than it sounds, you guys. I share my personal little factoids with you every single day--there's really not much left. But I love having predetermined blog topics, so I'm going for it.

1. I weigh 150 pounds whether I'm wearing a snowsuit and boots or flip flops and a bathing suit. I weigh 150 pounds whether I'm training for a marathon or sitting on my can eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I weigh 150 pounds whether I'm a size eight or a size twelve. I weigh 150 pounds with a load of moonrocks in my pants. I will always weigh 150 pounds.

2. I love spicy food. I add jalapenos or hot sauce to just about everything.

3. I have the attention span of a four-month-old cocker spaniel. I hate sitting through movies and won't even attempt it unless the movie is a chick flick, is animated, or features Will Ferrell. Seriously, don't bother asking me if I've seem a film unless it meets at least one of those three criteria.

4. I had to have a c-section with James because he was breech. When they cut me open and pulled the baby out, Jared popped his head around the curtain to check on me. I thought he was going to tell me how beautiful our child was and fall to his knees in gratitude. Instead, he flashed me an excited smile and said, "Wow! I can see the inside of your uterus! It's really red and shiny!"

5. Did you know that I'm a finalist for a funniest blog award? The contest ends tomorrow, so don't forget to vote! (sorry--had to slip that in somewhere)

6. I think that pretzels are a terrible waste of space in the snack-food isle at the grocery store. Unsalted pretzels are a total abomination.

7. My very biggest turn-off is men who can't drive a stick shift. Back in the day, when a guy picked me up in an automatic, there was never a second date. No exceptions.

And now I get to tag seven people. Let's see, I'll pick:
Katy -- because she's the greatest sister ever
Kelly -- because she's taught me everything I know
Mom -- for her all around sexiness
Penny --because she voted in a real election yesterday
Michelle -- because she's totally smart and sophisticated
Berta -- for her awesome stories
and Catherine -- for her soup making skills and her perpetual state of wonderfulness

Now you guys get to write seven fun facts about yourself and tag seven more blog friends.

I kind of like this game!


jjstringham said...

Just an FYI - the link in your header to the awards doesn't work (take out the "s" in the middle).

Bahston Beans said...

Thanks for the tag. I promise to work diligently on this all day. But I have a question - are tag backs allowed?

Bahston Beans said...

PS. The link to your Mom's blog goes to mine. I don't want her sexiness to be sold short!

Rob & Katy said...

i don't have 7 blog friends. :(

allison said...

amy, i've been voting for you every 24 hours!!

i also love the fact that you aren't one of those "oh it's just such an honor to be nominated" people. go for the gold!!

Amy said...

Jamie--thanks for the're little profile picutre has officially made my day

Kelly--I fixed my moms link, and you know very well that tagbacks are not allowed. Tagbacks have NEVER been allowed in our cousinly relationship.

P.O.M. said...

Oh my gosh. You are like the Mormon version of me. Except I was never up for any award and I never had a kid. Or a husband. And I like indie films. So I guess, nevermind. But it was fun while it lasted. I do like spicy stuff though and add hot sauce to everything. Does that count?

Heather said...

Nice! Ditto on the movies. My husband always wants to watch freaking movies. I cannot sit still, and pause it a zillion times, thus making a 100-minute movie more like 200 minutes.

Jess said...

My stepdad used to tell me: "Never trust a man who can't drive a stick shift." Then I married one. I'm not great at following advice.

Krista said...

YO to the stick shift comment. Although, I've gotta say - my boyfriend can't drive a stick and it's actually a great thing! It makes me feel like the powerful, all-knowing one in the relationship.

The Roberts' Report said...

What can I say? I'm not suprised about Jared's comment. He gives new meaning to the whole name "Jar-head!"
I love red pepper flakes! Another way to kick it up a notch.
Personally...all movies should have happy endings other wise they SUCK.

J~mom said...

I heart Will Ferrell!! I seriously can watch his stuff over and over again. More cowbell!

Penny said...

Oh, I'm it. Will get right on that this week.

Um, do you think it's time to replace the scale? Nothing makes me happier than a good movie. For example, I watched Dawn of the Dead last night. I've now concluded that Jared he has a rather odd, yet intriguing, sense of social grace :-). I'm voting, every day. Love me some pretzs, (with tons of salt). :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't totally agree with your pretzel statement. I *heart* pretzels... or rather pretzel salt! So I DO agree with the no-salt pretzel, WHAT a waste of space! Lol

chattypatra said...

I'm with Katy. I don't have seven blog friends either. May I post the seven facts without tagging right back? :)

Oh, and I posted a happy song today, so everyone should go check out the lyrics. When I figure out how to use my little singing program and actually create MP3's, you guys will get to hear me sing.

[I remember when I weighed 150. Had lots of pretty dresses. Good times. Don't miss the panty hose though!)

Grandma said...

I'm w/ Kelly.. and I aslo think you mixed up our descriptions.I'll put my facts here since I do not have the attention span to play a game 1. I am mother of the #6 funniest blog award finalist.2.I dislike board games. I used to buy unsalted pretzels.4.I hate fish. 5. I love the Red Sox.6. I was born in Spain. 7. I am a pushover for my grandsons.

Amy said...

You were my hero and idol - but now knowing you are always 150 pounds no matter what - you have catpulted to god like status. I have to stand on the scale with one foot, completely exhale, and be butt naked....

Mary said...

Did you know that our Bishop cannot drive a stick shift? That came out at one of those Ward Parties - the 'take-a-bean-if' sort of party. But that was at least 5 or 6 years ago - maybe he's learned! I am of the generation where everyone learned to drive a stick shift.

chattypatra said...

Mary - HEE! I don't know how to drive a stick either! Poor Bishop...Does he read this?
Can you imagine? LOL

Dang it, I can't use that as an excuse for being an Old Maid. I don't have the...I mean - I'm a girl!

Bwahahahahahahaha! Good times.

chattypatra said...

I meant to say that I don't know how to drive a stick shift!

(edited, because "drive a stick" sounds kinda dirty, and I'm not).

Michemily said...

Wahoo! Thanks for tagging me. I'll get right on it. You should see the amazing increase on my Google Analytics for that day.

I totally agree about the stick shift thing. However, I dated a guy who drove his stick really jerkily. I thought he would get better since it was a new car, but he never did. Turn off.