Potty Training Update

June 10, 2008

Jared and I received a note from James's daycare provider yesterday afternoon. When I read the note I instantly felt the blood drain out of my face and had a very strange tingling sensation in all of my appendages. Jared, on the other hand, nodded his head in a smug, approving sort of way and mouthed the word "Awesome" over and over again.

The note read:

Amy & Jared,
I thought I should let you know that James has been pulling down his pants and peeing on the playground in front of all the other friends. When I ask him about it he tells me that it's cool to pee outside. I don't mind, but I thought you should know.

I wrote back:

I'm so embarrassed that I think I want to die. My husband taught James that it's "manly" to pee in the woods. I'm guessing that James is having a hard time distinguishing between wooden trees and wooden playground equipment--but trust me, we're working on it. I've talked to James and Jared both. James will apologize to all of the friends today, and Jared is setting up his new apartment in our storage room.

I'll let this one slide, but if James ever decides to drop his drawers and pee in the Target parking lot I'm moving somewhere tropical. Without the boys.


Topher said...

I've know some people from Maine (they taught me what a granola is), so the fact that Nancy says "I don't mind" just solidifies the fact that people in Maine are cool.

Jodie said...

ROFLMAO - that is just too great. I think I actually snorted while I was laughing so hard.


Vanilla said...

I guess women will just never understand how freeing it is to pee outside or how cool it is to write your name in the snow, or on the playground.

Brad and Rebecca said...

oh my gosh Amy...that's all I can say!

Bahston Beans said...


Heidi said...

Yeah, really the best part of that is that she says, "I don't mind." I would be all, "So keep your kid home until he can learn to pee correctly!"

akshaye said...

Poor kid .. to be fair them bushes can grow mighty big!

Hilary said...

Rethink that! Every little boy should know how to pee on Target.. less spills to clean up. ;)

Minnie said...

I have tears in my eyes from laughing.
You freaking crack me up!

Grandma said...

get this stuff over with before kindergarten!

Amy said...

I think secretly you're just jealous.

Our Little World said...

LOL. that's funny! i taught trent to pee outside on trees at parks when there isn't a potty. hey, i've got 3 small kids and i'm not about to reload them and all our crap back up after being at the park for 5 minutes, just to drive and try to find a bathroom. in the meanwhile he'll have peed his pants! (takes a breath). it is cool to pee outside!