My Better Half

September 2, 2008

For some mysterious reason, I was feeling particularly productive this holiday weekend.

Yesterday for example...I sent Jared off for a day of fishing, painted the den a fabulous shade of blue, organized our 2-car garage from top to bottom, sifted through some hand-me-downs, prepped dinner, baked a dozen banana-nut muffins from scratch, picked an armful of veggies from the garden, and washed, dried & folded six loads of laundry--all before 2 pm. The television stayed off, the laptop stayed shut, and James was particularly well behaved. I should also mention that I maintained a very perky disposition throughout the entire course of the morning.

Wow. Zers.

That last paragraph could have been hijacked from almost any Mormon mommy blog on the internets. And get this--none of it was a lie! I was actually productive. It was so fabulously out of the ordinary that I honestly wouldn't have flinched if a handsome set of missionaries swung by my immaculate house, slapped a pink bow on my head, and shipped me off to Utah!

I have no idea where the firecracker up my arse came from last weekend, but it must have been hormonal--because normally on my off days I spend the hours between 7 and 2 lying on the couch, fake moaning, and pretending to have a roaring case of morning sickness. Then, somewhere around 3:30, I roll myself over and I'm like, "Hey, I think I feel better. We better go get some onion rings."

But not yesterday.

Yesterday I ate organic cucumbers and hummus for lunch.

Yesterday I paraded James up and down the street in his wagon so he could show all of our neighbors that he dressed himself (in pajamas, a baby-sized neck tie, and winter boots).

Yesterday I OOOHHed and AHHHHed over pictures of my husband with a twenty-inch salmon on his line. And then I OOOHHed and AHHHHed some more. And then some more.

But today is a new day, my friends. And today I slipped out of my office, taped a MEETING IN PROGRESS sign to my door, and drove twenty-two miles in my hubcapless car to buy an Egg McMuffin sandwich.

It's good to have me back. Well--kind of.


ThePursuitofScrappiness said...

I think you did more yesterday than I did in all of August!

Grandma said...

Wowzers is right!Talk about alot of things in one day....but the Egg McMuffin run does sound more like you!:)))

Jill said...

I hope you got a couple of apple turnovers and a ginormous diet coke to go with that McMuffin.

Mindy said...

Ha! You won't see a paragraph like that on this mormon mommy's blog! ;) Way to go, Amy... the great thing about a productive day like that? You can do NOTHING for a MONTH and not feel guilty!

Cheryl said...

I was waiting for you to say "Psych! I didn't really do all that good stuff." Wow. Impressive.

And thanks for the heads up on Nie Nie. I had never seen her blog nor heard about the accident. I spent most of last night reading her and her sister's blogs. Awesome family. I hope everyone goes and takes a look and helps out.

Heather of the EO said...

I too was waiting for you to say you made it all up. Sorry.
But um, nice job! I would say you're nesting, but that'd be just a titch early.

Heather said...

The hormones are crazy, aren't they? I rearranged our living room by myself the day before I found out I was pregnant. I also created a life-to-do list with things like watch less TV. Then I found out I was pregnant, and it all went right in the crapper. ;)

JAMIE RBZ said...

The TV stayed off during all of this? What'd you have as background noise? :)

Minnie said...

Personally I find it to be a waste of gas if you didn't get a hash brown.

Michemily said...

Wow, maybe I should get pregnant so I could accomplish something . . . then again, I think I'm good.

Mary said...

I need one of those firecrackers. If you figure out where to get them, let me know. ...oh, I forgot you were preggers - I'm too old for that! I need a firecracker for the post- menopausal.

Our Little World said...

LOL! It's nice to have those days once in a while b/c we catch up on all the crap we're not doing, but should be and then feel better about being lazy the next day again!