She Could Teach You a Thing or Two...

January 13, 2009

My sister is the coolest. She was a complete troll in junior high, but these days I swear I could go on and on about what makes her so stinkin' fabulous.

For example, my sister makes approximately one gajillion dollars an hour running her own part-time business as a book group facilitator for kids. Seriously, who can pull that off? Who else can turn to a parent and say, "Congratulations, your child has now completed the entire Oprah-endorsed series and discussed it in detail among friends. That will be one gajillion dollars."

She can. And they all love her for it.

Another example lies in the fact that my sister has two children who are sixteen months apart in age--her son just turned two, and her daughter is 9 months--and she is cool as a cucumber about the whole dang thing. Now me? I would be running around the neighborhood with my hair on fire--just as an excuse to get some alone time. But my sister? You can find the woman whistling children's songs about Jesus as she tosses another load of cloth diapers and homemade wipes into her water saver washing machine.

And finally, my sister has impeccable (and expensive) taste. She wears a kickin' pair of hundred-dollar boots, she only wore the expensive maternity jeans when she was knocked up, and come spring, you'll see her pushing her mucho-chic Phil n' Teds stroller all over the city of Boston.

How does she do it?

Coupons. I shiz you not, the woman uses coupons.

She's the type of girl who pays seven bucks for a cartload of groceries--and seriously, seriously, CVS pays her to take things like toothpaste and shampoo out of the store. Last month I did some shopping with my sister I'm not exaggerating here--I somehow left the premises with a ten dollar bottle of cover-up, a six dollar gift card, and paid three dollars for it.

I'm really not sure how it happened--my head's still spinning.

If you're interested in learning her ways--you know, so you can save on toothpaste and use your extra cash to buy a giant TV--then you should check out her fun new blog.

Katy will hold your virtual hand and gently walk you through the steps of saving some cash. Trust me, she makes it straightforward and easy, and completely takes the dork-laden-douchebaggery out of couponing (even though that's a super-dorky and slightly douchebaggish verb).

Now seriously, why pay even a penny for your dental floss? Go check her out.