Adventures in Emotional Eating

August 5, 2009

Well friends, it's official. I, Amy Lawson, am an emotional eater in the most serious sense of the phrase.

Let me back up.

Have you ever come across a new person and you instantly fall in love? I'm not talking romantic love or girl-crush kind of love, more of a if-I-happen-to-die-on-my-next-drive-home-will-you-raise-my-kids-for-me-and-oh-yeah-wanna-be-my-new-best-friend kind of love. I'm sure you've all experienced it.

It's deep, it's instant, it's magical, on oh my heavens, I have it with my midwife. The woman has a magnetic personality, a bedside manner that can't be beat, she's smart, she's funny, and I won't mince words here--her boobs are simply out of this world. On average, Jared and I spend seven to eight minutes discussing the fantasticness of her cans after every single appointment.

See? Love.

The first time I met her, I literally had to restrain myself from nuzzling up in her lap, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, and crying the words, "You'll take care of me, right? Right?" Instead, I opted to kind of tilt my head, lazily gaze into her eyes and say, "You're great," eight or nine times in a row.

Perfectly normal.

Well guys, today, I'm very sad to let you all know that there's been a bit of a rift in our provider-patient-soulmate relationship. I guess I can refer to this little bump in the road as "West Virginia."

As in, my midwife is moving to West Virgina. In two weeks.

She broke the news this morning, at my 31 week appointment. She was like, "Sit down Amy, I need to tell you something important."

And in my mind I was thinking, *Aw crap, does 180-pounds really look that bad in these skinny jeans?*

Yes in fact, it does--but this news had nothing to do with my wardrobe choices, nothing at all. Instead, it had everything to do with twice the money, half the hours, student loan repayment, and some kind of a dream job in West Virginia.

I'm very proud to say that I more than kept my wits about me when she gently dealt the news. I was like, "West Virgina, huh? I hear it's beautiful in the fall. I can do West Virginia."

Well apparently I've been experiencing what some might call "unrequited love," because get this, I'm not invited.

Deep down I guess I always knew she was a punk. Something about the boobs.

So I scheduled my next appointment with the other midwife, gave one last hug to the woman of my dreams, and calmly walked into the parking lot. No tears, no snot, no tearing of clothes, no gnashing of teeth. Just a big, loud SH!T when I settled into my driver's seat.

(side note: sh!t is the word of the week)

Then, I did the only thing that a distraught, hugely pregnant woman can do at trying time such as this--I drove around the corner, pulled into the nearest Burger King and ordered a Whopper with cheese, some onion rings, and a bucket of Sprite. Then I snapped at the window lady for leaving out the spicy ring sauce.

Sure I feel bad about getting sassy with the burger slinger, but dude, I'm GIANT, I'm HUNGRY, and I JUST GOT DUMPED. GIMME THE DAMN RING SAUCE, BYOTCH.

In all actuality, I blame my midwife. She left me no other option but to resort to such unbecoming behavior. It's a shame really.

I spent the next four minutes navigating the roads, searching for a appropriately sappy song, and shoving all manner of nastiness into my mouth. It wasn't until minute five, when I was stopped at a red light, ferociously licking my burger wrapper, that I realized, "Damn, I didn't get anything for dessert."

And thus commenced Round Two, which I like to call "Get in my belly you Devil Dog Muffin."

So what exactly is a Devil Dog Muffin?

Welp, it's a chocolate muffin, roughly the size of one of my ass cheeks, filled and topped with half a cup of homemade frosting. They're baked--with a tremendous amount of love, mind you--by an elderly woman in town. They're sold at the local gas station, and if I had to wager a guess, they weigh in at about 1,200 calories a piece.

I ate it in the parking lot.

Then I saw some spots and had to roll down the driver's side window in case I had to ralf all over the pavement. Thankfully I used some Lamaze breathing and urge to boof subsided about fifteen minutes later.

Yeah, the spots are still there.

But you know what else? I feel much, much better. Thanks to 2,300 hundred calories and 105 grams of fat, I've managed to master my emotions, weigh my options, and come to grips with the details of the situation.

And ya know what I've figured out?

I'm moving to West Virginia whether she likes it or not.

The End.


Chief said...

I am so sorry. If you would like, I can come to New England or wherever the hell you are, and pull your baby out for you. I know we would "click" just like you and the other woman did. I just know it!

The only payment I would need is one of those damned muffins

Bahston Beans said...

Have you tried the Hostess 100 calorie pack chocolate cupcakes? Fabuloso.

X-Country2 said...

Good thing you're having a little girl so James will have someone to marry now.

JAMIE said...

I'm sure Jared would do wonderfully with a practice in West Virginia. :)

I know what it's like to miss your fave midwife, that happened to me on baby #2. :(

Vanilla said...

I think I need a Devil Dog Muffin.

chattypatra said...

How DARE she? Doesn't she know that you are a Blogger CELEBRITY? It would be an HONOR for her to deliver your baby, but NOOOOOO, she'd rather take that country road than step up. Fine. Whatever.

I don't blame you one little bit for that binge. You deserved it.


P.S: I updated my blog. (hint, hint)

RunnerGirl said...

Wow, those devil dog muffins sound amazing! Think they'll ship them to Ohio????

Jarom's Running Page said...
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Marissa said...

My OB did that to me after #3 and now that we are thinking about a #4 I am scared to death. What do I do , where do I go?
I am glad that muffin helped. :)

Amber Lynae said...

West Virginia can be nice, not when it is stealing your big boobed soulmate midwife. But At least it is paying her well. Big Boobs get more money in West Virginia. My parents might be able to let you stay with them... And if you have another emotional crisis,... try the pepperoni rolls they are great.

Amber Lynae said...

West Virginia can be nice, not when it is stealing your big boobed soulmate midwife. But At least it is paying her well. Big Boobs get more money in West Virginia. My parents might be able to let you stay with them... And if you have another emotional crisis,... try the pepperoni rolls they are great.

Miranda said...

Why can't she come back and deliver? Hmmmmm! I wanna Devil Dog...BK has spicy onion sauce??

Meagan Brooks said...

You had my laughing in bed at 11:30 at night, after a very trying day. I even had to read it to my husband. I have a feeling we'd get along very well. ;)

The Roberts' Report said...

"emotional eater", did you say? Well, then we must be twins!

Sarah said...

Oh man, this one made me snort! And it is exactly what I would have done in the situation!