Shower the People with Love

August 25, 2009

It's no secret, I've done a lot of questionable things in my life--but I, Amy Lawson, can hold my head high and proudly declare that I have never, ever littered. Not so much as a used Kleenex, a Trident wrapper, or even the sticker off a plum.

(Now where's my award?)

I might swear, and I might drop trou to pee in public on a semi-regular basis, but my garbage? It stays firmly on the floor of my car, right where it should be.

(Uhh seriously folks , there is an award for this, right?)

Get this...I even go out of my way to throw my Gatorade cups into the designated trash cans during road races and marathons. Which, in hindsight, could very well be the reason that I haven't qualified for the Boston Marathon yet--I blame it on my stewardship to Mother Earth (and also on my big, fat ass--but you know, whatever.).

This morning, since one of our cars is going into the shop, Jared and I had to do some ride shuffling. When I met him at the mechanic, he hopped into my car, noticed two little heart-shaped pieces of paper (no more that 1/2" each) and casually brushed them into the parking lot.

I was like, "Jared! Why'd you just do that! You've got to pick those up!"

And he was all, "What? What'd I do?"

"Jared," I nagged, "you just littered. That's not okay, pick those hearts up."

"That wasn't littering," he replied. "Those were way too small to count."

"Nothing's too small to count," I demanded. "Just imagine if everyone in the world went around throwing little paper hearts all willy-nilly like confetti! What would happen then? Huh?"

So he paused. And reflected. And then a really wide smile spread across this face. "Then the world would be a much happier place," he said, nodding his head.

Damn. The man has a point.


X-Country2 said...

Everyday would be like the final of Americal Idol!

Michemily said...

So I have to know: did you clean them up?

Chief said...

i totally would love a confetti filled world!

blaine said...

Would they all be different colored hearts or red hearts? We would then have commercials and packaging touting that 'x brand' hearts are made from 99.99% recycled biodegradable banana peals or something like that. Would that be considered a heart attack? (How could I possibly pass that one up?)

Amber Lynae said...

Talk about love being all around.

chattypatra said...

That would be super cool!

Grandma said...

...and then 2 Cinderella birds flew away with them and added them to their nests. The End:)

Alisha said...

We would all die from infected paper cuts and all the bubble boys would have to patch their bubbles.