Attitude Award

September 21, 2009

Welp, not a lot to report up in this neck of the woods. I'm still big, still pregnant, and the good news is that my attitude has improved immensely. I'm so nice, so kind, so considerate that I can hardly stand it.

But here's the bad news--when I have a good attitude, I have nothing to write about.

Holding doors for old ladies and constantly saying please & thank you only goes so far in the humor department, ya know? You guys seem to enjoy my rambling thoughts about injuring peoples' private parts far more than you enjoy my stories of good old-fashioned Christian charity.

Shame on you all.

So I'm signing off early today--I'd like to leave enough time to run and skip through fields of daisies before it gets too dark on me. But believe you me, if I see any super rude, ugly, and/or clumsy people out there, I'll be sure to hop on and tell you all about it. In detail.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a big, fat, happy pregnant woman! :)

The Roberts' Report said...

Seriously? No baby? Ahhh common on! Get to work Jared.

Michemily said...

Send a little of that good attitude my way, would ya?

pam said...


Chief said...

I was wondering if you have shared some of that love getting your Visiting Teaching done.

Just wonderin' (running in the other direction)

Grandma said...

It's true! Love you Amy! You are almost there!! xo

Nana said...

Don't worry about it Amy. In a few weeks you will be back to your old self. Betcha you wish it was sooner
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