Church Clothes

July 12, 2010

James dressed himself for church yesterday morning. Sounds helpful, right? Maybe even every mother's dream.

Welp, don't get too jealous--this is what we reaped from the effortt:

Just to be perfectly clear, that's a misbuttoned shirt with two ties--one under and one over, ridiculously short wind pants, and some insulated ski socks.

I was like, "Oh my word, James. Where's your shopping cart and your WILL WORK FOR FOOD sign?"

And he was all, "Hey Mom. Let's take some more pictures."

Then he broke in to this pose:

Well that explains it.

I can't even begin to tell you about the tantrum he threw down when I told him he needed to change. In the end, we compromised. He lost the ski socks, we rebuttoned the shirt, and traded the wind pants for a nice little pair of khaki shorts.

But the over/under tie thing? I let that one slide. Because let's face it, the ties were awesome.


Grandma said...

Why I love you James:)))

Bahston Beans said...


funderson said...

awesome...Little Feller enjoys the thick freaking sock action all summer too...I don't get it

Pam said...

How very GQ.

chattypatra said...

He should have his own fashion blog. Seriously.

Amelia said...

My five-year-old daughter always puts on strange outfits when she dresses herself.

Two ties make it twice as nice, right?

(I found your blog on Cjane's blog.)