Things That Piss Us Off Thursday: Volume Three

March 31, 2010

I'll start.

Getting a foot of snow in April.

People who beep at you THE SECOND the light turns green.

Not feeling even the teensiest bit funny for over a month because of a stupid, stressful situation that I can't do anything about.

When I let life get to me.

There......and go!


Mindy said...

It pisses me off too when you are stressed and not funny.

Camille said...

Wow, I'm sorry that you are going through a hard time. You have always made me laugh, especially when I was going through hard thanks for that.

You, you don't piss me off...but constipation does.

Pam said...

When the ice dispenser on your refrigerator breaks and Sears won't sell you the part you need, instead telling you that you have to buy the a whole new refrigerator door.

Still wearing a winter coat on March 31st.

Getting a pimple right between your eyebrows.

Jo said...

Having some punk steal your credit card number, then ordering game and movie downloads (monthly membership charges) and then having to spend weeks and VOLUMES of paper and faxes to get the charges removed EVEN THOUGH you reported that card stolen and called and wrote the bank MULTIPLE TIMES that you DID NOT AUTHORIZE these charges.

Kandi said...

Cell phone companies that don't have any decent non-smart phones so that you feel the need to spend the extra $ to get a smartphone and data plan!

Raheli said...

Bad haircuts
"Wintry Mix" (it pisses me off any day, but especially in April)
my bathroom scale

Andrea said...

People who don't return phone calls. The weather when its freaking 70 degrees one day and 30 the next.

Blaine said...

It pisses me off when I had a great post that came to mind for today yesterday, but can't remember it today.

Tara said...

menstral cramps
April Fool's Day snow storms
missing runs for no good reason
neverending struggles with weight
burnt toast

Angela said...

When my husband is home from work for 5 mins and gets frustrated with the kids. I'VE BEEN HOME ALL DAY! HAVE SOME PATIENCE!

Terrible grammar and misspelled words in FB status'.

Finding hoarded food in my 11 year old's bunk bed.

Tripping on hubby's shoes...wherever he feels like taking them off.

No willpower when it comes to ice cream. Or baked goods. Or chocolate.

Not having lost any weight after doing P90X 3 times a week for 6 months.

When boys throw their clean (still folded) laundry in the dirty clothes instead of putting it away.

Maybe I should save some for next week...