Things That Piss Us Off Thursday: Volume Three

June 9, 2011

It's time for another round. In fact, this round is ridiculously overdue. So, without hesitation, I bring you:

Things That Piss Us Off Thursday!

You know the drill. Leave a comment outlining a thing (or six) that really craps on your carpet. Remember, I'm in charge and I can delete any comments that I feel like deleting, so HA!

Okay, here I go....

1. The fact that Melissa's blog will NEVER FREAKING LET ME LEAVE A COMMENT! So Melissa, congrats on the Vegas wedding, the last picture is the best (because that second one looks like your head is a beautiful way), and for real, put some jeans on.

2. I'm not rich.

3. There's not a high-end deli, a Thai restaurant, or even a drive-thru in the my office.

4. I'm out of eye-liner.

5. Suddenly, my husband is a hopelessly devoted Bruins fan, and he MUST NOT MISS A GAME. Maybe he can name three players, maybe.

6. People who chat for way too damn long and can't take the social cues that the conversation needs to wind down.

7. Packed meetings, in un-air-conditioned school gyms, when it's 90 degrees outside.

And you?


The Craft Clan said...

When my 3 year old daughter finds my hidden nail polish and decides to paint all over the carpet in my closet. Then tries to cover up the crime scene by strategically placing my husbands shoes on top of her pictures, hoping that I didn't notice...the carpet was cream the nail polish is blue :(

paige said...

* husbands who travel for days & days at a time & don't have the same voluminous texting needs that their wives do...
* the dentist. Today. At noon.

Sean and Rain Gowens said...

Thursdays, because they aren't Friday and they always go slow!

heather said...

Ok here we go.

1. When you discover that your husband has been out of razors for weeks & been using ALL yours the whole time not leaving a single one left.

2. Standing in line behind some jack wagon, backwoods, hillbilly, white trash, I just crawled out of a hole, Sweet Home Alabama cell ring tone, redneck who thinks that Dollar General (I HATE that store but the dog was out of food) is the grocery store & clothing store. Taking her sweet time getting everything out of her register while she is talking to the cashier about what Thelma & Betty Lou are doing only to have her cell phone ring & she STOPS EVERYTHING to talk to the person & the cashier gets in on the conversation. I had to finally say something & they get mad at ME for expecting them to stop talking long enough for the cashier to actually work. Then forbid it of me to be able to swipe my card without the trash standing over me STILL talking....I need to get the heck out of Alabama in a BAD way.

3. When you tell your almost 3 yr old to go potty & she tells you that she already went in her pants.

BrianFlash said...

The ants found the remains of my weekend BBQ on Sunday, exactly six days before the trash guys come to pick up the trash. So I've been waging a (losing) war against their kind all week.

There are a lot of ants in the world.

Tristy said...

* Ants in my mudroom....still.

* My 3 year old yelling NOSE WIPE for the millionth time when the Kleenex box is right next to him.

* Customer Service....does it even really exist? I think NOT if I have been on hold for 15 minutes!

* Giant black bees that look like bumble bees but are not and are burrowing in my deck as we speak and if I make a move towards the grill or my patio furniture...they start nosediving at my head.

*my ipod is broken.

Amy said...

Goat cheese. It's gross.

Katy said...

My MIL because:
1. She calls my husband on his birThday, NOT to wish him happy birthday but to ask him to buy her a car.
2. We fly her out for our sons blessing and instead of saying something nice she keeps loudly repeating, "what is with this church and already trying to marry that baby off. He's just a baby for Christs sake".
3. When she is here, she uses our elliptical machine in a wife beater and her panties. Thats it. No bra, no pants, no shoes.
4. When we fly her in the same state for a few days, she chooses to spend time with a friends new horses instead of her grandchildren.
5. It's hard to explain to my 3 year old why grandma and grandpa are still married but snacked up with other people.
6. Her passive aggressive BS.
Ohhhhhh, that was nice. Can I request one of these weekly?

Blaine said...

1. Construction season.
2. WalMart (need I say more here?)
3. WalMart again...

Tara said...

1. ditto to the Walmart comment

2. major thunderstorms that nearly destroy your hydranga and newly planted tomatoes

3. only being able to win a softball game by forfeit

4. chafing

5. smokers who complain about their neverending hacking cough

6. people who don't pick up after their dog

Jenny P. said...

word to the hot gyms. I sat in two school assemblies today, one from 12:15 to 1, and then another from 1:30 to 2:50. It was close to 90 degrees inside the gym. I thought the principal might pass out.

Also, there is no coke in my house.

Karen said...

the fact that a page on our company website had not one but TWO typos on it.

Michemily said...

Katy's treadmilling mother-in-law sounds freaking awesome. I'm glad Katy gets to deal with that. ;)

What pisses me off? The nearby, high-quality library closing off its free services to me because the other nearby, low-quality library got the funding from the city.

Stef said...

***COming home at night finding the laundry I spent hours washing and folding all over the floor and dinner dishes still on the table. Ugh!

**People who think they are better than me.

lauridawn said...

Water problems - not in just one or two rooms of my home - but eight!

TheOneTrueSue said...

Not being able to drink soda again EVER IN MY LIFE.


I think we can all agree that I have WAAAAY worse problems than the rest of you, right?

I thought so.

Joy Through Cooking said...

the fact that no one will pay me to be SAHM!

FinnyKnits said...

*Checking into a hotel at 2:35 and being told that, "No, you may not go up to your room yet because we don't allow check-in until 3pm."

*The fact that restaurants won't let you pay the same price for half the food because you don't want to waste the huge portions they give you. I want to pay you the same FOR LESS FOOD. Just let it happen! Asses.

*Cat poo on my floor.

Rachel said...

Ha! The Bruins! I know I am late on this, but fiance is exactly the same. All of a sudden, it is all about the Bruins, and I am not even sure he could name three whole people on that team. Yet when they lost? His mood is ruined for the whole day. Why do boys do that?
(But yay for the Bruins win yesterday, I guess.)

JC said...

My husband. Not all the time, but certainly this evening!