July 23, 2011

Well hello old friend! How've you been?

Me? How have I been? I've been good! I've been on vacation.

Maggie screamed all kind of things at all kinds of people:

James showed all kinds of butt crackage to all kinds of people:

Coach swam:

He even swam with seals--who seem to like fetch as much as german shorthaired pointers:

I took lots of pictures of myself:

And lots of pictures with Jared:

And lots of pictures of my legs from this angle:

We saw whales. Which made me feel really skinny. Because they're really fat:

James posed:

And there you have it. The best week ever.


Karen said...

Looks like the perfect vacation!

Team O'Connor said...

I would also be taking a lot of leg pictures if mine also didn't touch. You have hot legs. That looks like the perfect vacation. Butt crack pictures are very important for family albums so I'm glad that you're teaching your children well :)

January said...

Your legs look awesome!