Blah Blah Average, and a Link

August 30, 2011

Have I seriously not posted on this blog in over two weeks? That's straight up craziness. I don't want to say that I'm losing interest in the ol' blog, but I might be losing interest in the ol' blog.

All of the sudden I'm just normal, and boring, and thirty-something. It was way cooler to be young, and in love, drive a twenty-something-year-old car, and be in school. Now we just kind of tolerate each other, we drive something that looks like a mini-van and a station wagon humped, and we scramble to make the student loan payments at the end of the month. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Ugh. Boring.

We don't even have two dogs any more. We have one--and the super cool unique dog that made us different and fun? She died. One dog (that looks like the classic dog a kindergartner would draw) and two kids. We're so average that I'm stabbing myself in the eye with a marker right now.

For real, what can I even tell you that would be worth reading about? Let's see...

We're taking out a home equity loan to replace our roof. Oooooohhhhhhh.

James got some new Sketchers called Furious Reptilians. Okay, so that's kind of cool.

And you know what else? I just had an idea. Seriously, it just came to me right this second. For the next two weeks, every single day, I'm gonna post something on this blog that makes me feel cool and unique and positively me. It could be just the punch I need to relight my blog fire.

Because you know what? Funny things have been happening to me, I've just been too lazy and blah blah blah to write about them.

I did go to one of those adult toy Tupperwareqsue type parties on the Sabbath. Didn't write about it.

did stand in line at the post office behind a woman who was determined to mail $260 worth of Canadian coins to Quebec City to pay her speeding ticket. FYI, it was $30 in postage and she had a curly mullet. Didn't write about it.

And I did slightly threaten a driveway paving guy, while I was wearing pajamas (but no bra), for starting up his equipment at 6:40am and blowing my neighbors sticks and leaves into my yard. I would have been completely cool with one or the other, but c'mon old man, NOT BOTH!

I really do have some material, I'm just too wrapped up in my own averageosity these days. But I'm about to break free...every day for the next two weeks. Awesome. Maybe. We'll see.

On an unrelated note, when I posted that last blurb on my blog about my new coaching business, I got four inquiries and three of them signed up. Kind of nuts in a completely awesome way. Since my three latest runners are so so gutsy to start a new fitness program, I can be gutsy enough to share my link.

BUT HERE'S THE DISCLAIMER!!!! I made this website myself and I know it sucks. It's too big for lots of peoples' computers, too small for lots of peoples' computers, and seems to fit no one's computer. It's cheesey, and totally not funny--courtesy laughs at the most. Puh-lease don't email me with "I'll build you a new site for $xxxx!" offers. Because you know what? Maybe I like my stock photos. Ever thought about that??? Huh?

Link's here. You should probably like Kennebec Valley Coaching on Facebook, too. You know, so everyone in the world signs up and I can buy my new roof with cash. Because whoa, that would be crrrrrrrazy!


Erin said...

I may or may not have cried watching your Climb video. I think I'm getting my period.

I wish I lived closer :) I was out running ALL BY MYSELF this morning before dawn. I'd love to join a class!

Sean and Rain Gowens said...

I love your site! Seems accessible and friendly.

Charlotte said...

I think your site is brilliant and perfect and it's actually the exact right size for my screen.

And even if you feel totally average and boring right now, just know that my husband and I laughed until we almost cried yesterday at the thought of you power-washing your teeth and putting your mouth over the shower head.

The memory of the un-average lives on.

Karen said...

Looking forward to your DAILY posts. If you succeed, I pledge to do the same on my blog.

Morgan -Ing said...

The site is awesome. It's cute and funny and very motivating. And anything fits on my screen because my computer is just that awesome. Way to go Amy!

Lynda said...

Please do not stop the blog. It's the one thing I actually check on a regular basis and I only check like 4 things. Also, I love your website. It's better than professional. I want to live closer to you (not in the stalkerish kind of way) so you can get my butt in shape.

Diana said...

Add me to those who love the website. I wished I lived closer and/or had extra money.

Also, I think the fact that you are actually making your student loan payments might make you unique.

BrianFlash said...

Great entrepreneurial spirit! Nothing at all wrong with that web site.

And a mile champion in high school - sweet! No wonder you can't escape from the past.

dcavocado said...

I really like the website. You already make training with you sound like a lot of fun! All the best!

Michemily said...

That website is so totally you. I'm personally glad you shared.

Tari Anne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website!! It's clean, to the point, I think the font is perfect and non-distracting...and it's got just enough of your hilarious personality to make me LMAO. LOVE IT! I wish I could hire you, but I live in Dallas. I used to live in Augusta, though!!! And I went to Cony my freshman year! CAR-AY-ZZZZEEEEEY!