Thankful Day Two

November 2, 2011

Today I'm grateful for the Holiday Ham Hock Super Challenge.

What? You don't know what that is? This is news to you?

I'm just kidding. I made it up in a moment of insomnia last night, so it's news to me, too. Here's my graphic:

This is a facebook challenge open to every single member of the human race who has an internet connection. It's $15 to sign up, and half of all proceeds will go to the Dallas chapter of Back on My Feet. Why the Dallas Chapter? Because once upon a time, The Lawsons did Dallas! Remember?

There are three prizes up for grabs, and they're all the same. A free registation to any of Kennebec Valley Coaching's 2012 training groups, or a free month of individual coaching (in-person or online). You can win by a) running the most miles, b) losing the most poundage, or c) being the most enthusiastic exerciser and healthy eater.

If you're some kind of weirdo robot and you already run 100+ miles every December because you hate pie, then maybe this challenge isn't for you. It's more geared toward those of us who want to sleep with pie and have it's handsome, little pie babies. Or newish runners--it's perfect for them, too.

Sign-up's right over here. Starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs through January 1st.

Thankful to be able to organize these things. It's way too damn much fun.


TheOneTrueSue said...

How about an extremely slow walking contest Amy? How about that?

I would totally OWN that contest.

Hannah Q. Parris said...

So, I've been trying really hard to get motivated to workout lately. This week was really successful as I made myself go to two local group runs. And then yesterday I found the Butt Bible on ExerciseTV. It was really hard, but awesome since the instructor has a really thick accent and says things like "If it burns too much, ignore it. Is good." and "Crack the nut between your cheeks." Evidently that is the motivation I need, because I'm about to do it again!