New Shoes (a one act play based on a true story)
September 7, 2006

Amy: Hi, I'm looking for some new shoes. I used to wear the Adidas Response, but I don't like this year's model. Do you have any suggestions?

Shoe Salesman: We have a shoe, just in, that I'd really like you to try. If you liked the Response, you'll love these.

A: Fantastic...I take a size ten.

[Shoe salesman walks into the back room. Meanwhile, Amy checks out the price of the shoes]

SS: Here we go...

A: Did you just bring me the most expensive shoe in the store?!

SS: I don't work off of comission, ma'am.

A: Answer the question.

SS: Yes, ma'am...I did.

A: Well you think about how my husband will react while I lace them up and then run around this tiny indoor track. I run sort of funny, so I'd appreciate it if you'd watch my baby instead of me.

SS: Uh, ok. [looks at baby in a very confused way as Amy runs off]

A: I like them. I'll take them. Please don't tell Jared.

SS: Who is Jared?

A: Good. [thoughtful pause] Since I bought the most expensive shoe in the whole store, will you carry this stroller down the stairs for me?

SS: Uh. Ok...sure. but I don't work off of comission, ma'am.

A: I know, but he weighs like 30 pounds.

-The End-

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