Farewell Social Life
May 30, 2007

It's no secret, I love my laptop. And I love my laptop because I love the internet. Afterall, it's the lifeblood of my social existance. You know how it goes--MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Blogspot, a chat room filled with hot babes, and an on-line forum--that's where I spend my days, hanging with my cyber-girlz.

Shout out to my on-line pals: LMAO! Whatz Up, Ladeeze?!?! LOL!

Experts claims that on-line socialization is not a negitive thing, as long as it doesn't become a replacement for real life human interaction. I'm not really sure if I've reached that point or not. But considering the fact that I've never met any of my BFFs in person and they all go by names like "SamsMom99" "QTRunnerGurl" and "JazzyXL, "I can't help but think I fall within the danger zone.

I'm also fluent in cyber-speak, which doesn't do me any favors when I make my bumbled attempts at real life socialization. Just last week I was invited, via email, to a girls night out with a group of moms from church (exciting, I know). I wasn't able to attend, so I responded with the following email:

OMW! Tnks for inviting me to join you. LOL! Every SAHM wants a night out! Unfortunatley, my DH will be OOT...so I've got DS all to myself. Not to mention the fact that FIL and BIL are coming to visit, so I've got to clean up. And of course AF is on her way so I kind of feel like ****. But really, thanks. Invite me along next time, ok? TTLY! C U Sunday.


And then I received the following email in return:


Of course, I felt like a flaming turd. I decided right then that I'd better just stick to the computer. Unfortunately, I've had to take a part-time job this summer--and it's cutting into my awesome social life like mad. I'm making money, which is cool...but I don't even know what to do with it. I guess I could use it to go out in public, right? Or I could attend the next girls night out. Or I could use it to sign up for a fun class.

Or--I have an idea--I could use it to buy a Blackberry and stay connected all day long! Gosh, I guess I really can have my cake and eat it too--make money and maintain my on-line popularity/cyber-credit.

Now that sounds like a plan.


Grandma said...

remember when...if you weren't home, you didn't know someone had called, if you went to the store you had to figure out what kind of deli meat people wanted w/o calling home, when you drove you listened to the radio w/o talking on the phone, and when you went for a walk you could listen to the birds,not your i-pod.something is wrong now. I still want to bring an old rotary phone into a grocery store w/ a 200 ft. line:)someday I will.

Michemily said...

I had a blackberry and LOVED it! I was definitely a crackberry. When I quit my job, I had to give it back. Unfortunately, I still have moments when I think of something I should look up and I wish I had it again. The new iPhone is looking amazing . . .

I've thought about old times, like your mom. How did people ever used to meet up without cell phones?

Grandma said...

hi michemily- you pretty much had to meet at corners,wait alot and and use icky pay phones (icky pay phones I don't miss!)