Free Dog for Sale
May 22, 2007

This is a dog. His name is Spot if you're into dogs with dog names. His name is Alex if you're into dogs with people names. And his name is Yaz if you're into dogs with baseball names.
Alex approached us at the park on Sunday afternoon. He was wearing no collar. There are tons of stray dogs in this area of Dallas, so I didn't think much of him. Imagine my surprise when I found him sleeping soundly outside of my front door on Monday morning. He must have followed us home from a distance.
From what I can tell, he's a very, very persistant little guy. He stayed outside of our front door all day on Monday, eventually nudging our balcony door open and making himself at home. He even follows me as I walk to the mail box, sits and waits while I sort through the mail, and walks back to apartment when it's time.
He loves to walk. He has insisted on joining me on two 3.5 mile walks and one 2 mile walk. He also walked back and forth, up and down our apartment stairs as Jared made 7,000 trips to carry in the groceries last night.
Based on these observations, this dog does not struggle with a fear of commitment. He is also quite photogenic if I do say so myself.
My friend Beth, who was passionate about dogs as a pre-teen and consequently read the Dogclopedia 15 times from cover to cover guessed that his breed is "Catahoula." After a quick Google search, I'm going to have to agree with Beth--I think he's a catahoula.
I like dogs, but I'm not a pushover or a bleeding heart by any stretch of the imagination. Somehow, however, this dog has completely won me over. Maybe is has something to do with the fact that Alex is quietly curled up by my feet as I write this blurb on my balcony. Or maybe it's because he made my 2 year old laugh harded than I've ever heard him laugh in his short little life. Or maybe it's because he simply refuses to go away. But I like Alex.
I haven't found any room in any DFW no-kill shelters. I don't want to call the SPCA. I definitely can't call animal control. But I can't really keep him either. I can however try to find a great home for Alex.
If you've been thinking about getting a dog, or a running partner, or a fiercly loyal foot-rest, then Alex is probably your man. Based on my highly unprofessional observations, he appears to be between 6 and 10 months old--so you two could have a good, long future ahead.
Please forward this info to any friends who might be interested, and email me at if you have any questions.


patti said...

Oh Amy if I was closer to you I would take him! He is ADORABLE!!!! What a sweetheart. I hope you find him a wonderful home.

Jen said...

Me too! I've been wanting a puppy for sooooooooooo long!

Amy said...

Jen...I'll get him to you! Someone take Alex!!!!
I'll put him on a plane!!!

Anonymous said...

My guess is he's actually some sort of Australian cattle dog mix.

It's too bad you can't keep him he obviously likes you. If someone takes him near you he may come back anyhow.

Good luck!


ShutteredEye said...

Good luck!