Excuse Me?
June 22, 2007

So I walked into the living room this morning, where James was innocently playing with his favorite bulldozer toy. I smiled at my pudgy little angel and enthusiastically said, "Hey Buddy!"

He looked and me, smiled that sweet little smile of his and replied, "Hi Poopy."

I was like, "Excuuuse me?! Did you just call me Poopy?! James, that's not nice. My name is Mommy, not Poopy."

He looked at me, kind of shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ok. Hi Mommy."

"Well that's better," I replied. "Thank you for using your manners, James."

And as I walked back into the kitchen, commending myself for neither laughing nor flying off the handle, I clearly heard James say, "Bye-bye Poopy."

It's now 4 o'clock in the evening, and he's been calling me Poopy all day long. I've been trying my hardest to simply ignore this problematic behavior. According to every volume in my toddler library, if I get all riled up over this, James will feel powerful and he'll just keep on calling me Poopy until he's like 27.

Stop laughing--this is not funny. I have no idea where my child picked this up. And besides, where does he get off calling me Poopy? I'm not the one who needs my diaper changed six times a day.


MillerFam said...

Seriously LOL over here. I mean, too funny! If you even knew the half of what my kids try to get away with calling me on a daily basis. Drew's latest was, "hey stinker buns!" Um, excuse me? So, you are not alone in your angst, in my experience by about a week or so he will have something else to call you perhaps less colorful but just as enjoyable. I mean enjoyable for those of us who aren't being called "poop" all day! Hugs, Amy

Rob & Katy said...

i love that pic of james- like he knows he just called you a poo and is proud. love you, jamezer! see you soon! auntie :)

Michemily said...

Deep down, don't we all want to call our moms that sometimes?

Vanilla said...

This is a great story as always. Nice work 'Poopy'. ;-)

Grandma said...

I laughed before your warning..getting a book ready to hold up to my face for when he calls you that during our visit!see ya soon poopy! xo