Happy Father's Day
June 17, 2007
A lot of people tell me that my husband reminds them of my father. They're about the same height, they have similar looks, they equally enjoy whistling and their names are remarkably close...Jared and Jerry. My mother and I both enjoy beckoning for "Jare?!" when we're in need of some husbandly help. Some people even go so far as to suggest that I married Jared because of his similarity to my father. Well, today I'd actually like to respond to that claim...Um, of course I married my husband because he reminds me of my father! I happen to have one of the best Dads on the face of the planet, so it would have been a king sized mistake to seek out anything else. In all seriousness, if I had wanted to marry the opposite of my dad, I would have had to take out the following personal ad:

Single, white, female seeks a husband. Must be rude, chronically late, and mean to children and animals. Stinginess is a plus. Outdoor activities, family outings, and fun in general are frowned upon. Prefers to find a man with weak moral fiber, wavering standards, and a strong aversion to ice cream and candy of all types. Should be unusually bad at fixing things and unable to hold down a job.
Instead, because I used my dad as my benchmark, I found a pretty good husband who happens to make a fantastic father. My father is, by far, my biggest fan--he's never missed a track meet, or a graduation, or any old chance to pay me a compliment. And Jared is, by far, James's biggest fan--he's never missed a chance to throw him around, teach him to play ball, or enthusiastically talk about the movie "Cars." I see no need to be modest--I'm a very, very smart girl for taking the approach that I did.

So thanks Dad, for everything. And thanks Jared, for everything else. James and I love you guys!


Grandma said...

that's a very touching tribute to both Jared and Dad! xo

Rob & Katy said...

yay Dad! i was such a crappy kid- he was here all day yesterday, busting his hum helping me with ty's baptism, and then at the end of the day when i was cleaning up, i noticed i didn't even give him his little card. how sad. i love your ad! we're lucky to have an awesome dad and a good pair of husbands!