Shoe Dilemma
June 11, 2007

On June 30th, James will make his worldwide debut as a ring bearer. The big event will take place at my cousin Kelly's wedding on Cape Cod. James will be sporting a used tuxedo that I bought off ebay for $13. I think it's quite slimming, but as you clearly see in the pictures, he hates it. To the right, you can see Jared restraining James and explaining how awesome tuxedos really are. The picture below is James running away from the camera as he mutters inappropriate baby swears at his loving mother. We finally got him to wear the tux after we convinced him that it was a penguin suit, and if he put it on he would be able to dance on air, like the cast of Happy Feet. He loves Happy Feet, so he persevered, but not for long.

I'm not going to stress about the tux. I'm sure James will be completely compliant on the wedding day by proudly wearing this sharp get up, walking down the aisle with a sweet smile on his face, and then delivering a humorous yet sentimental toast at the reception.

What I am worried about are his shoes. And this is where I'm begging the help of family, friends, and loyal readers everywhere. I can't decide which shoes James should wear, so I'm going to let you all decide. That way I can place blame on everyone other than myself if the shoes induce a tantrum, he refuses to walk, or they look goofy.

You have four choices: classic black dress shoes, black converse sneakers, black crocs, or his favorite shoes of all time. I have clearance from the bride and the mother of the bride on any of these models. Oh, and I should mention that the photographer has requested that James wear his favorites--the red, white, and blue crocs picutred above. Apparently the photographer thinks they will photograph well. Apparently the photographer is also a drug user.
Now cast your vote...and tell all of your friends to cast their votes, too!
Which shoes should James wear with his penguin suit?
Classic black dress shoes
Black Converse sneakers
Black Crocs
His very favorite shoes in the entire dang universe--red, white and blue tie-dyed immitation Crocs
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Lauren K said...

Amy you're too funny! And James is like a mini 007 in that tux - so cute! I miss chatting to you and the other ladies, hope you're doing as well as you sound :)

Rob & Katy said...

james, i think you should wear your crocs. they go with everything, really... footy pjs, church clothes... why not a formal tux?
i love you- auntie

kel said...

Dude, maybe we should ditch the tux all together and go for swim trunks. Maybe with the fashionable floaty-vest too. Otherwise, I think your kid is going to hate me forever! If this is a ploy to get good presents for the rest of his life, I think it's working.

Grandma said...

ok after going to 4 stores yesterday and seeing black/gray Sketchers sneakers, black Crocs, black w/ red Mickey Crocs, and black dress shoes (both ties and loafer)and calling Amy to report my findings, I must vote for his favorite. After all it is the Cape.....dress rules cross over the lines of will be almost 4th of July, and James loves them,can walk in them...
so then for the reception,ditch the penguin suit and go w/ Kelly's idea of bathing suit! xo

Grandma said...

on second thought...the whole bride's side can wear the Crocs I saw at Walmart- blue/green tie dye or red/yellow tie dye..and we all just walk in w/ them like it's what we wear all the time.

Toad and Sue said...

I voted for the converses just cause I'm the kind of parent that forces my kids to wear stuff they hate--it's what my parents did to me. And I think doin' the moonwalk is more diffucult in crocs. James can do the moonwalk right?