Ok, that's an ouchie.
July 26, 2007

A few weeks ago I noticed that James didn't have a word in his vocaulary like 'ouchie' or 'boo boo.' We have no kid themed band-aids in the house, because James has never actually used a band-aid. It's not that I have a problem with ouchies, we just don't play into it so much in our family. If he falls, he gets up and keeps on going. If he bumps his head, I give him a quick pat and off he goes.

But yesterday I had a lot of sympathy for James. This little gash is actually how we started our day from down under. We were getting ready for our babysitting job, and James was climbing into his stroller as usual. Somehow he slipped and banged his eye on the stroller's metal foot rest. And this is the result.

Don't worry [Mom], James is fine. The dad of the family I babysit for is a doctor, so he took a look and gave James a clean bill of health. And today, he seems totally ok. As I type, James is sitting on the couch feeding chocolate milk to his stuffed dog and to his garbage truck--like usual. And every time I metion his cut, he squints his eyes and clenches his teeth, points to the other eye and says, "ow. it uts."

Try again, ya little faker!


smelly said...

Keep milking it James!! If Mom doesn't go for it now, she'll probably develop guilt over it which is way better for you in the long run!

kitboucher@hotmail.com said...
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The Carrie Collection said...

K, he is adorable! I'm a sick person for loving the crying or hurt children pictures but they're my favorite. I recently read in a mothers magazine (not that I am one, but my sister is visiting and brought it with her and left it right next to the Ensign on the coffee table... which one do you think I read?) that your children lie and always will. Never believe them. It looks like you've got that one figured out.

Penny said...

Awwwwww, he's so cute! Ouch, that's quite a mark, must have hurt, poor little dude.

Michemily said...

Amy, I love Costa Rica. Make sure you go there some day.