Geeze Jared
August 18, 2007

Jared went to Blockbuster to rent a movie tonight. "How convenient" I thought--Blockbuster, you see, is right next to Whole Foods, and Whole Foods happens to have the greatest brownies on the face of planet earth. Trust me, they're not what you think. These aren't some organic seaweed and homegrown whole grain hemp fake-o brownies, they're the real deal. Crispy on the top, gooey in the middle, and little bitty chocolate-heaven-chips all over the place.

I love brownies.

I loooove Whole Foods Brownies.

I would leave my husband and marry a Whole Foods Brownie if it was legal. And someday, I sincerely hope it is (Vote Democratic! Whew!).

A few minutes ago, Jared called me from his cell phone to exclaim, "Do you know how much these brownies cost?!"

I was like, ""

"Amy" he spitted, "It's SEVEN dollars and NINETEEN CENTS!!! For ONE brownie!"

I was all, "Oh man, that's ridiculous! Are you sure you're looking at the right thing? Brown and gooey, cut into a square...just a regular old brownie, babe."

"Yup, that's it. Seven-nineteen for one brownie. So dumb."

And that's when I heard the faint sound of his car stereo in the background.

"Um, Jared? Where are you?"

"I'm almost home, Babe...I just crossed Abrams Road."

"Jared? You bought that brownie, didn't you?"


And now we're in a fight.


Penny said...

Holy rip-off Batman...Seven dollars+ for ONE brownie?!!!!!! Are you sure that's not a per-pound price? My stars, that's obscene.

Amy said...

That's Whole Foods for you, although I find that Central Market is even more ridiculous and even more delicious. Still, sometimes you just have to shell out the dough for what you really want. Life has to be worth living, no matter how cheap you are. I'm on your side, Amy.

Jes said...

Oh but now I really want a yummy, chocolate brownie with nuts!

Brad and Becks said...

You know Amy, there is a list of "Things worth fighting for in this world" that I came across and decadent brownies wasn't on there. So cut good ole Jare a break. However, double chocolate cake, re-runs of Seinfield, and the right to wear socks with sandals was on there, so more power to you!


Iggy Enigma said...

socks with sandals? over chocolatey delicious brownies? really?

Michemily said...

Mmmmmmmm, have you had their chocolate cakes?!?!