If I Were a Rap Star
August 20, 2007
Jared and I seem to have the most insightful conversations late at night. Here is a recap of last night's exchange, right before we fell asleep...

J: Amy, if you were a rapper what would your stage name be?

A: Mmmmm...probably cellu-LITE. Emphasis on the LITE.

J: Oooohhh, I like that. Very imaginative. Would you have back-up singers?

A: No, I would have back-up rappers.

J: Oh, right. What would you call them?

A: Mmmmm....the Loose Caboose. In honor of my arse.

J: So you'd be 'Cellu-LITE and the Loose Caboose'?
A: Yeah.
J: Gosh Amy, that's got a ring to it. I like it.

A: Thanks Babe, that means a lot. It really does. G'night.

J: G'night.


ali said...

I'd pay big money to see Cellu-LITE and the Loose Caboose perform.

You could have a diva list for your dressing room ... whole foods brownies

Amy said...

Ali, I'd totally put you on my VIP list. And you're right, brownies would be on the top of my diva list...corn dogs would be second.

Vanilla said...

I like it, but I think that in order to generate some Street Cred you've got to misspell something. Maybe go with CeluLITE and the Luce Cabusse.

Smith Family said...

I LOVE it! I'll be watching for your debut album!

Our late night conversations are: "Did you take Cooper potty?" "No, did you?" "No. Isn't it your turn?" "I thought I did it last night..."

Jess said...

That has marketing potential!

I know what ya mean about those late night chats though. A few weeks ago, the hubby and I were chatting about what kind of wadn we'd have if we were magic (and, ya know, lived in Harry Potter world).

Marcy said...

Late night chats with the DH before sleep are always the best! Ours our usually the most ridiculous topics. Can you imagine X person taking a dump? Or disgusting things you'd do for $1 million.

Penny said...

Hahaha...laughing my caboose off.

The Carrie Collection said...

I just paid $80 to see Blackalicious, Cyrpress Hill, Wu Tang and Rage Against The Machine on Sat so I'd pay about that to see Cellu-LITE. Sorry for the lack of blogs. I am really missing it but now that I'm unemployed and prematurely sold my computer, blogging is a luxury. I promise to get on it next week. Just get ready for some good times.