I've Been Tagged
August 13, 2007

My friend Samye tagged me. That means I get to answer all of these questions, tag five of you, and then you can answer the questions on your blog. Can you say 'F-U-N'?

Jobs I’ve Held:
1. jelly donut filler
2. sandwich maker
3. children's entertainer/pirate impersonator (This is still the highest paying job I've ever had--it involved dropping my pants to expose my burlap underwear to a ship full of tourists. Yes, I wore burlap underpants--damn straight I made good money)
4. personal assistant to Donna (Donna was an incredibly sweet woman with special needs. Despite the fact that she would take the food right out of my hand, slurp my hot chocolate while I tried to hold on to it for dear life, and regularly got out of my moving vehicle, I liked that job)
5. grant writer at UMaine (Oh my gosh, this was excruciatingly boring. I generally spent 7 hours a day napping at my desk and shopping the sales at gap.com)

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
1. Cars
2. Fast and the Furious
3. Too Fast, Too Furious
4. Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift
5. Aladdin

My Guilty Pleasures:
1. buying Cars toys (update: I found Sarge)
2. being a lazy sack of crap
3. eating chocolate
4. singing in the shower
5. putting James in kid-care at the YMCA and hiding in the locker room reading People magazine instead of working out

TV Shows I Like:
1. Sesame Street (damn I love those puppets)
2. Last Comic Standing
3. The Office
4. The Today Show
5. Ellen

First Things I Thought When I Met My Husband:
1. Wow. That's a belt buckle.
2. This boy bears a striking resemblance to Doug Funny (the NickToon pictured above)
3. I think I outweigh him by 3 to 5 pounds
4. I should have brushed my hair
5. Well, here's the guy I'm gonna marry

Places I've Been on Vacation:
1. Disney World
2. Galveston, TX
3. Broken Bow, OK
4. San Antonio, TX
5. Washington DC

Favorite Foods:
1. Snickers
2. Cheetos
3. Corn Dogs
4. nachos grande
5. root beer floats
(obviously, I'm a disgusting person and I enjoy attending fairs and sporting events)

Websites I Visit Every Day:
1. Ten zillion blogs (all listed to the right)
2. Yahoo! mail
3. google
4. runners world (because I have a strange habit that I can't seem to shake)
5. my running moms group (because the best friends are virtual friends)

Body Parts I've Injured:
1. None. I'm built like a super-combination of Stretch Armstrong and the man of steel with a pain tolerance the size of Minneapolis.

And now I get to tag five people:
I would tag Vanilla, but I think he's quite particular about what goes on his blog...not that there's anything wrong with that.
So I will tag Carrie B, Katy, Mom, Sarah Y, and Rebecca.
Gosh, I feel so bossy....


Rob & Katy said...

yo, what am i supposed to do?

Amy said...

you're supposed to answer these questions on your blog.

Vanilla said...

Amy, you are very astute. You are the second person that tagged me with these questions, the first person I just ignored but I couldn't ignore you without feeling guilty. I did indeed post them on my blog, but not on Half-Fast.

I have a top secret, highly classified, clandestine blog that no one knows about. I rarely update it and I don't publicize it. To my knowledge there are no links to it anywhere. It’s all very secret-handshake, cloak-and-dagger, hush-hush. Basically, it’s a catchall blog for ideas that I want to write about that have nothing to do with running, or that don’t fit at Half-Fast. Anyway, best of luck finding it. I’ll probably reveal it at some point in the future if no one locates it.

ali said...

putting James in kid-care at the YMCA and hiding in the locker room reading People magazine instead of working out ... lol

If I had kid(s) I would do this!

MillerFam said...

Amy, I have to say, even with one more kid than you I would have never thought of the daycare reading People mag by myself in the locker room. You have such fantastic guilty pleasures! Love it!! I plan on doing that this week as the hubster is out of town till Wednesday. By the way, my hubby does the 15 phone calls thing on the way to the mall . . . totally annoying! Sometimes I hide his phone so he can't find it before we leave . Hee hee hee.

Patty said...

I love the thought about "I think I outweight my husband by 3-5 lbs."

And I'll just assume that you're joking about the Fast & the Furious I, II & III being your favorite movies. I would hate to have to hold that against you. ;-)

And I have to tell you, the YMCA comment was classic! You never disappoint when I need a laugh!!

Rob & Katy said...

oh. i don't really have much to say. my blog is mostly non-verbal.

Kellee said...

I think you should add cheese puffs to your list of favorite foods, I remember sitting outside of your house and between the two of us we finished off an entire bag! I still can't eat them any more.

I love reading your blog, especially when I'm supposed to be working on my thesis.

Amy said...

Kellee!!!! What's up?!
Mmmm...and call me crazy, but I believe those were Doritos.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that Sarge was recalled? http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/08/14/recall/index.html

Kellee said...

yeah, you're probably right, i just remember lots of cheesy goodness stuck to my fingers and all over my mouth