Happy Birthday Katy!
August 14, 2007

I'd like to send a happy, happy birthday to my big sister Katy who is now thirty years old. She claims to be excited about her new age (not that there's anything wrong with that). I keep hearing that thirty is the new twenty, and considering recent medical advancements, I can't say that I completely disagree.

Katy, today is your day, so hit the town and do something for yourself. Do something that thirty-year-olds enjoy. In case you're short on ideas, I've come up with a few of my own. You could:

...go to Macy's and try on a few holiday themed cardigan sweaters.

...take a fiber laxative (but only after your purchase it using a manufacturer's coupon).

...buy yourself a new, age appropriate swimsuit.

...test drive your dream mini-van.

...order a nice, new pair of mom-jeans from JC Penney or Sears (your choice).

...or treat yourself to a short, easy-to-manage haircut.

You're right Katy, thirty is cool. Rock on in your button down halloween sweater, matching turtleneck shirt, and coordinating pin! Rock on in your sensible shoes! Rock on to your favorite song by Kenny G (and other lite favorites)!

Rock on, girl...because life truly begins at thirty!


MillerFam said...

Amy, so I turned 30 almost 2 years ago . . . (eek!) and I did buy that mini-van, but decided against the cardigan sweater. I opted instead for some sensible shoes and nice elastic waistbands. I don't know how you could mention Kenny G without throwing in a little Bette Midler and John Denver. I can't wait to see what happens when I turn 40!

Rob & Katy said...

Hey, thanks!
I celebrated this morning with a trip to the doctor... you know, to check my ailments. I bought some sensible shoes yesterday. I appreciate your sensitivity and understanding of my advancing age, Amy. :)
Love, Katy

Smith Family said...

Amy!! I'm 32...please don't tell me I have to wear pants and swimsuits like that!!!

J~mom said...

I want you to know that you can get the mom jeans at Mervyn's too. Even the cardigan sweaters. Every now and then I luck out and find the cute stuff embroidered right on a tshirt and that look is the bomb diggity for 30 year olds.

You had me rolling!

Marcy said...

OMG you're scaring me. I'm not too far off LOL

I must add that she needs the granny panties to tuck her t shirt into, then slap those Mom jeans on. My Mom does it so you really can't question the hotness there LOL

Amy said...

Oh my crap...your comments are cracking me up today you guys!

Rob & Katy said...

Marcy, I've been proudly sporting the grannies since my pregnancy. Life without a wedgie is a wonderful thing. I highly recommend it- even to the youth in their 20s.

Amy said...

A poem for the occasion:

Your boobs used to be so perky,
And you were such a flirt.
Now you must be careful
Not to tuck them in with your shirt.

Jess said...

I think 30 is awesome: that means you're really a grown up. 28, 29, they feel like such transitionary ages, like being 18 or 19. 30: that's when you can be taken seriously. Of course, I imagine that's also when people start expecting more from you.


I knew that being a grown up came with a price tag.

Michemily said...