Keep 'em coming...
November 5, 2007

Please don't stop voting! And please start voting if you haven't already!

I'm not in ninth place anymore...last time I checked, I'm in eighth. Just a few more votes and I could move up to sixth!

Please. Keep. Voting.
It's easy! Just click here, select 'funniest blog,' and then pick me!


chattypatra said...

I've been voting! I've been voting!

krystyn said...

I voted. Still getting spanked though. :-(

Marcy said...

Dang! That one joint has 6949 votes. I'm a votin, I'm a votin!

Laurie Kendrick said...


How sweet and thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog.

This is my first time here and I'm so enjoying my stay. You're such a gifted, natural writer. I am honored to be loosing to you by such a ridiculous amount!

Contests are nice, Amy. So are titles and lovely little sidebar widgets bestowing this blog and that blog with some dubious title. The fact that we're two women--and strong Texan women, thank you very much--in a very competitive male dominated category is an honor in and of itself.

You don't worry about the Weblog Awards. The bigger prize is out there, TRUST ME and it has nothing to do with a widget.

In some weird way, I'm almost proud to be losing. I think in this case==for some reason, there is victory in defeat. Maybe I'm a silly old optimist.

But that's my story!!

Seriously, you're terrific and lovely as the Dallas sunset and I will be back.

Continued success,
Laurie "Last Place" Kendrick

Rob & Katy said...

amy! you're almost to 6th! awesome! keep voting people!
(laurie left such a nice comment! i'm going to read her blog now.)

Sammy said...

I'm voting! Amy what you should do is go to the library and vote from all the different computers. Or wait is that something a crazed fan would do? When does the voting end? I just might do it for you.

Grandma said...

you're ahead of "nose on your face" by 2 this morning!

Anonymous said...

Just put my vote in for today!
Have faith! My little baptist church in Bradley, ME just raised $15k in a month! Anything can happen! I was lookin' over your FAQs...I think I'm in both your classy AND hick categories! And I resent not being mentioned in your professional section! We taught you TONS in ORSP! And you and Edrick taught me that I can tell myself that I can learn to run by run/walking...when in fact - I prefer chocolate and TV as much as you! I'll be sure to track your journey home to ME! --Steph

Rob & Katy said...

AHHHH! You're almost in 6th place- only 5 votes behind the sneeze... AHHHHH!