Words of Wisdom from James

November 11, 2007

James walked into the kitchen this morning with a very serious look on his face. His teeth, lips, and chin were covered in the waxy residue of a black crayloa crayon. His afro was filled with large, sticky chunks of mushed up banana.

Me: Wow James. What happened?

James: Moyee. Cwayons es not fo eating. Bwanas es fo eating. (translastion: Mommy. Crayons are not for eating. Bananas is for eating.)

Me: Well it looks like you learned that the hard way.

James: Um...yeah.

Once again, Tuesday's bath just can't come soon enough.


Jess said...

That's a valuable lesson for us all.

Patty said...

seriously lmao re: Tuesday's bath. that's pretty damn funny.

Amy said...

Patty...my new favorite quote, courtesy of my friend Beth, is..."Of course I give my kid a bath every day. Well, every TUESday!"
She came up with that one while making fun of me at the park!

chattypatra said...

At least he wasn't playing with glue! Taking that stuff out is next to impossible.

Grandma said...

yuck James!!!

Marcy said...

I hope he's potty trained because I don't think I'd want to change a waxy poo diaper :P

Penny said...