Baby Pictures

December 1, 2007

My mom is having trouble finding the bucket-on-the-head picture, but have no fear, I'm sure that it will surface.

In the mean time, if you'd like to see five or six pictures of me as a happy child, you can visit my mom's blog.

If you do visit her blog, you'll also see that my mother would like a real pony for Christmas. If anyone knows some guy who can hook me up with a pony for cheap, send me an email.

Happy Saturday!


Mostly Sunny said...

How about StuffMart for that pony? They sell My Little Pony which, in my humble opinion, is way better than the God-created original: it comes in more colors, it does not need to be fed, it doesn't need it's coral shoveled, and you can still groom it!

Few ox said...

what about a mini horse like on Rob and Big? (Did you ever watch that show on MTV? It's awesome?)

Grandma said...

oh no...why do I feel I should be careful what I wish for?

chattypatra said...

The cheapest I found was this:

Amazingly enough, the same website is selling a CHIHUAHUA for $900! I cannot believe anyone would pay that for that breed. Jeez.

I second the My Little Pony idea.

P.S: Yes, my computer is fixed, and I posted a new entry just now.

J~mom said...

I have a rather large dog that will pass for a pony. I will even fly her out.

akshaye said...

grandma's having second thoughts :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

I love that your mom has a blog!

I was one of the few girls growing up who DIDN'T want a pony, but I do recall wanting a pet Chimpanzee.

I don't even want to know what that says about me. (Don't worry, my parents never got me the chimp).

TC said...

Can't help you with the pony. My brother has wanted a donkey for 45+ years, and I haven't found one of those yet, either.

I'm seeing an upside to my mom's Alzheimer's - no blog to tell tales about my childhood. Even if she had a blog, she'd forget she had one, anyway. (Great. Now I've got guilt. What kind of daughter finds humor in her mother's memory loss?!)