How's Your Work Ethic?

May 22, 2008

I usually don't allow anonymous comments on this blog, but today is a very special day, so let's get crazy. In the comment section, I want to know how many hours a week you spend at work and how many of those hours are spent goofing around. You know...reading blogs, chatting at the water cooler, pooping, sleeping, making shadow puppets on the walls, etc.
It's all anonymous, so let's be honest here folks.

Just so we're all on the same page, my comment would look like this:

work: 16
fartin' around: 0

That means I'm in the office sixteen hours a week and I work my tail off every mother-lovin' minute. Obviously this post doesn't count since I'm going to stay late this afternoon and make up these eight valuable minutes of lost productivity.

Please don't be a lying sack o' crap like me. Remember, it's totally anonymous and this will be far more interesting if everyone is completely honest. I want to see some 40/33's and some 20/16's.
Oh, and I can't forget the full-time moms--If you're a stay-at-homer, just put "24" as the first digit and follow it up with your goof-off hours.
DISCLAIMER: All comment's will be used to wrongfully justify my own behavior.


Rachel said...
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Anonymous said...

my work ethic is not so high...

weekly work~ 18
playing around~22

oh, and include that my boss allows me to go to the gym for 1.5 hours daily ON the that means...

weekly work~ 10.5
playing around/gym~ 29.5

Anonymous said...

For me it's probably like:

Work 37 (supposed to be 40)
Fartin' Around 30

Dead. Serious.
I've been working in this new position and no one really knows what kind of production to expect out of it, my boss is never around, and I've set the bar pretty low.

Anonymous said...

24 hrs a day

10 sleeping
2 tv
1 blogging

that leaves 11 hrs of work...holy crap...that's a lot. I deserve something!

Henry said...

Out of my 40 hr work week, about 16 hrs work, 24 hrs playing/farting around...

Anonymous said...

In a typical week...
Total time at the office: 65 hours
Time spent doing actual work when I'm at the office: 25 hours
Time spent doing actual work when I get home: 5 hours

I wish I could be more productive at the office and (a) do less work at home and (b) spend less time at the office, but (b) doesn't work because of the need to always be seen at the office, and (a) doesn't work because we always get last minute requests to deal with.

Anonymous said...

My job is ridiculously slow paced and I'm ridiculously high paced. This leads to a lot of dissatisfaction and whining on my part (ok, mostly whining).

week work: *maybe* 40 hours

farting around: about 20.

Seriously. They pay me well, and I only tell my boss when things are slow, and he repeatedly tells me that I should never tell anyone that. Ok I guess. Keep paying me to dick around.

Maraiya said...

24 - 5/7

I wanted to be anonymous but, what the hell, the first step is acknowledging that you have a problem....

Maraiya said...

But do I get credit that even when I'm goofing off on the computer or watching a movie (while folding laundry I might add) that I still have to hear: "Mom, Mom!" and randomly tend to their needs? Perhaps multi-tasking to be able to fart around doesn't count and I REALLY work 24/7/365!

Are you buying it?

P.O.M. said...

This week:

Man, what a bunch of highly creative slakers we are. ha ha.

Anonymous said...


I work 45 hours, about 2.5 hours a week is goofing off.

- where do I get jobs like you all have?

Anonymous said...

Work 40
Fartin' Around 20

Anonymous said...

I work at home. I'm supposed to work about 12-15 hours, but I'm sure I only actually work maybe 6.
Fartin' around: The rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

Work week: 40 hours
Time spent actually working: 10 hours

I'm serious.

I told my boss I need more work. She said, just keep doing what you're doing.

And by keep doing what you're doing she obviously meant: keep reading blogs for hours, shopping on, updating your own blog, catching up on episodes of the Office that you missed the night before, check your personal email 20 times a day, ANND search for new jobs.

I'm sure that's what she meant.

Anonymous said...

I just want to start off by saying that I L.O.V.E your blog!!! I had my husband reading it the other day and he was laughing pretty hard. My fav has to be the hemorroid post!! I also love that you are a creative writer. I want to be like you when I grow up!!

So about my "work".

I work a 35 hour work week. When the boss is here I work darn near all of it! When they aren't here which is becoming the norm lately....I work about 2 hours of it. The rest of that time is spent reading your blog!! I'm almost caught up though so GET BUSY!! :o)

Anonymous said...

OOPS....I meant I work like 2 hours a day. In the previous post! The rest is spent wasting time on the computer!!!

So to sum it up I work about 10 hours a week doing real work!! WOW!! I'm a loser! Or a winner guess it depends on how you look at it!!!

Anonymous said...

My "scheduled hours"/wk are 24
Time spent at work is more like 21 hours
Time spent actually working is more like 15

I'm a therapist and I can't actually be blogging during a session (or I might find a way to) so I'm forced to be productive during those times...

Anonymous said...

i'm a sahm now, but when i worked a "real" job, it was a 40 hour week. the weeks varied greatly depending on what was going on, but i probably spent 40% of my time chatting with the receptionist, checking email, and wandering around. it was a good gig.

now, i am "on" 24 hours a day, but goof off probably 2-3 hours- hen the kids are napping/in bed after the chores are done.

i miss my "job."

Anonymous said...

Work: 40 hrs
Farting Around: 10-15 hrs

Laura said...

Ok, I'm the worst. I stay home, with one little baby while the other three go to school. Since baby naps and loves to play in her walker, I maybe work about a hour a day with the rest of the time fartin' around and napping. My older kids do the most wonderful chores...

Anonymous said...

work: 24
fartin' around: if you count sleep, I would say 18

Anonymous said...

Work ~25
fARtin Around ~20

Anonymous said...

I play on the computer and shop online most of the day. 10 minutes before spouse gets home I run around, do dishes, wipe down counters with lysol, spray lysol in the air, start the dryer and defrost meat. Works everytime.

dietcokegrrl said...

I'm with the anonymous who is now a sahm, but used to have a "real job"

I used to do marketing/advertising for a TV Network--which basically meant that we were really busy during sweeps (Feb, May and Nov) and in Sept for the Fall Launch of new and returning shows.

Of my 40 hour work week, when it WASN'T one of the months listed above, I probably worked about 2 hours a day. Really.

My hours were 8-5. I arrived at 8:30 (but always beat my boss in, so it was ok), took a 30 minute diet coke run to In-N-Out at 10:30am, took a lunch from 12:30-2, another diet coke run at 3:30 (yes I have a problem). In between those times I spent my time looking busy while I surfed the internet, perused Ebay, chatted via IM and caught up on email. I also walked around and chatted with co-workers.

Now this was seriously the norm. EVERYONE did this. My boss would take a three hour lunch because he would go to the gym or run errands. People just sit in their office and watch TV. ALL THE TIME.

Before working there I used to work for a telecommunications company where we worked 50-60 hour weeks (YAY for overtime pay) with pretty much little-to-no goofing off time.

I was one of the hardest workers at the Network (especially when I first started working there) and people told me that all the time. Ummmmm, yeah, I actually worked about 2 hours today, but thanks!

Now, I have two kids (ages 4 and almost 2) and I get probably about 2-3 hours of "goof off" time a day. Not too bad, but I miss my old job where I got paid well for it.

Anonymous said...

I actually work most of the time I am "on duty". When things occasionally get slow, I chit chat with my co-worker, but even when we don't have people who need our services, there is still paperwork and data entry. So I would say 40/36 give or take an hour or two on the F-U side.

And yeah, How do you get a job that allows so much time to goof off???

Anonymous said...

Ok, so right about now, other than the really ggod money, I am really missing my old job. It was work: 9hrs/wk and goof off 24hrs/wk. now I have a new job and I am not even allowed real internet access. I can only access certain websites that they allow. Ugh. and i have to take a full hour lunch with no computer access!!!!! Looks like I have to find a good book to read and I will have to catch up here at 11:00 every night. Woah, the life of a real worker at 37 1/2 hours/wk of real work.

chattypatra said...

Well, Amy, you just made a bunch of bosses very happy, especially if they have installed keystroke trackers in their network servers.

Maybe you should poll people again next week to see who got in trouble, you naughty girl!

Anonymous said...

At work: 40
Fartin' around: 35

Anonymous said...

I was the last anonymous comment...

To follow up on my slacking hours, there's just nothing for me to do! I wish there was more, but until we hit busy times, I read blogs and archives. Bad, I know, but if there were work to do, I would so do it!

Anonymous said...

Work: 35
Farting around: 15
Literally farting: 5

The 311 Boys Mom said...

This week:43/34 (boss is back in town & expected me to accomplish work, WITH HIM, like at his desk, meetings & do this, more meetings & do that). Its truly effecting y BLOGGING

I even got some OT in there. :o)

Last week:42/39--no boss, but have to play catch up

The Roberts' Report said...

24hours as a stay at home mom....farting around and doing what I want...22 hours! YEP folks I get to do whatever the hell I want for most of my time. Because I have learned the secret of ignoring my kids. It's an art!! ;) I spend probably 2 hours a day wiping butts, cooking meals, doing hair and slathering on sunscreen. Otherwise I'm in my own mental haven!

The Roberts' Report said...

Just to prove it...I read "my sisters keeper" in 38 hours. And that's no small book!! ;)

Anonymous said...

So I fool around on the internet a lot more than I should, but it's mostly on my own time. I just thought I would let you know that I sharted today and I immediately thought of your blog.

Grandma said...

I'm too lazy to try to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

24 (SAHM)

Hours on the internet daily: (blush) 5 or 6 even (thankfully most are after the kiddo is in bed.

Penny said...

OMGoodness, I can't believe it. I can post. Yea! It's been tough not posting to one of my fav bloggers.

Anyway, on to the analysis.

Ummm, 9 hours a day working, 1 hour a day goofing. And the goofing time includes 1/2 hour lunch. So that leaves 1/2 hour a day really goofing. But wait, I get two 15 minute breaks, so I guess I don't goof at all. Thanks for allowing me to put that into perspective, finally! :) I'm a darned good employee!

Anonymous said...

I am a SAHM and I have a job where I work from my home.
Farting around........6-7
Strangely enough, since I've started blogging, my "farting around" time has gone way up, and my work production is in the toilet.
I do make sure that my family is fed each day, and I do laundry at least once a month whether we need it or not.