Not Very Exciting

July 26, 2008

There's really nothing new to report from my neck of the woods this morning.

The lawn needs to be mowed, our vacuum exploded, and I wish we could take a family vacation to Disney World. What can I say? I have a major soft spot for huggable, lovable, life-sized cartoon characters.

See? Not very exciting.

As of a few nights ago, James decided that he'd rather sleep in a tent in our basement than in his newly decorated bedroom. And seriously, why would I say no to that?

Before you start freaking out, please understand that we have a finished (albeit tacky) basement, and there's a potty down there too. I check on James throughout the night to be sure that he's not curled up next to the hot-water-heater, and he really doesn't seem to mind the colony of beetles that are large enough to wear backpacks.

James has been sleeping like a baby on Benadryl, I'm raising a future Bear Grylls, and Jared couldn't care less about any of it--that's what I like to call a win-win-win situation.

See? Not very exciting.

Other than that...James loves to eat pickles (who knew?), and I've taken up napping during my 4-hour shift at work. After a many year hiatus from soda, I've rediscovered the lusciousness that is Coca Cola Classic, and James now insists on eating four different kinds of cereal every single morning. And Jared's still kicking around here somewhere, too.

See? Not very exciting.


Laura said...

Do you mix all four kinds of cereal together for him, or does he have four small bowls of cereal? Inquiring minds want to know!

chattypatra said...

Your vacuum cleaner exploded? How did that happen? Sounds exciting.

Also, Bear Grylls = HOT and CRAZY!

princess desi said...

At least your kid's in a tent... Mine's been sleeping in a big ol' box in his bedroom floor for a solid month. He'd just rather sleep in the box than on his bed.

Grandma said...

we all love the cereal mixture...uh oh did I encourage that?

Amy said...

How ironic...i've written twice this week on my blog how mad I am at myself for registering for the Disney Marathon, considering my major non-soft spot for huggable, lovable, life-sized cartoon characters. And adults who still like Disney. Weird, huh? It was like we were in each other's heads...just on the opposite sides of each others brains.

But, I'll let you take my Disney registration if you want. And my name's Amy too so you could totally pass for me :)

Patricia said...

I haven't read your blog in a while, but I think I know who gave you the idea of using Benedryl as a sleep aid. Was it your mother-in-law?

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