Life Lessons

August 1, 2008

Earlier this morning, James and I went to Target to buy some deodorant. As we were approaching the checkout line, James inserted an index finger into his left nostril, quickly pulled it back out, and put the gooey finger right into his mouth.

Usually I wouldn't mind this type of behavior so much, but there were three or four people in our immediate vicinity so I decided to give my three-year-old a talking to--you know, just for looks.

"James," I said, "It's not nice to do that."

"Do what?" he asked, shrugging is shoulder as high as his ears.

"It's not nice to put your finger into your nose and then into your mouth. That's really ick."

"But you do it, Mom! You do it a wot!"

I looked around at my fellow shoppers, offered up an embarrassed smile and fake-laughed as I shook my head and muttered the word, "Kids!"

Then I bent down to James's ear, put my mouth directly onto it and said, "James. There is a major difference between picking your nose and picking your nose and eating it."

Because it's true...there really is.


Katy said...

Ty just started picking his nose too- and I KNOW I can't teach him not to when he learned it from watching me.

Let's blame Mom and Dad.

Desert Survivor said...

You tell your stories so well! I can't stop laughing.

heather of the EO said...

could you please post like three to four times per day. You always cheer me up. It seems there is no end to the material with that little James in your life. I don't see why you can't. I mean, what else is there to do? Work? Raise a child? Other stuff?
C'mon... for the sake of your reader's sanity?
Even if I'm a total stranger, I request 3 or 4 a day, okay? Thanks.
You rock the party.

Patty said...

so this is what i have to look forward to, huh? lmao, thanks for my laugh of the day.

Jill said...

I once read that 90% of all people will admit to picking their nose.
The other 10% are liars.

Our Little World said...

Brandon told me I HAD to get on and read your last 2 posts. I was amused at the last post, but when you wrote that you 'went to go wake up Jared and said that James only wants him', I busted up!

This one was hilarious too. Kids tell the truth whether we like it or not!

Fun times. Oh and thanks a hell of a lot for you "memory". You still suck! In your eyes I'm a porn reading, child neglecter!

Grandma said...

ha! busted! It's payback time!love, mom

Heather said...

Freaking awesome! Oh James, such a character.

Maraiya said...

I whole heartedly agree! The eating thing is just...nasty! But a clean non-crusty nose: priceless.

Maybe you should work on teaching him how to flick bogies or how to surreptitiously wipe them on the floor, underside of furniture or on some unknowing passerby.

Lisa said...

Okay that was very funny. Woo Hoo you gotta love it when kids throw the "but you do it too Mom" thing right out there in public. Love it.