Fourth of July Pictures

July 6, 2009

Welp, I pulled it off.

I singlehandedly used thirty pounds of duct tape, fifty cardboard boxes, six cans of spray paint, and ten tons of fabric to make: 1 Statue of Liberty costume, 1 Abe Lincoln Costume, 1 Uncle Sam costume, 3 cardboard x-ray machines, 2 giant signs for the side of a pick-up truck, lots of sparkly decorations, and 1,300 labeled pieces of candy.

Jared, bless his heart and muscles, generously put the seats down in my car so we could take all of the props to the parade site. What a man!

I'm still waiting on a couple of group shots that are on my sister-in-law's memory card, but in the mean time, these will have to hold you over. And I'm sorry, but there will be no Abe Lincoln just yet--I think he's in the group shot.

But, for now, here's a picture of Jared dressed as Uncle Sam in an x-ray machine. As you can clearly see, he was not amused. And he had his hat on backwards (the duct tape was supposed to be in the back ya know).

This is my nephew/patriotic ninja/candy thrower extraordinaire. I let him eat 3 chocolate donuts while we rode around in the back of the truck that morning--my apologies to his mother. But really now, how could I eat three donuts and then say no to him? It just didn't make sense.

Here's Jared again, strutting his stuff, pretending to be a happy person in red striped pants.

And finally, my sister-in-law Alicia who kicked Jared's ass in the sportsmanship competition.

Believe it or not, some random guy called Jared's cell phone and offered him money for the x-ray costumes after the parade. Apparently, he's in a band, and thought the costumes were perfect for a gig that night. I'm generous, so I gave them away, totally free of charge. Well, actually, I gave them away on the condition that he kept our ad on the back, turned around multiple times during the performance, and told the crowd a fake (but amazing) story that involved natural healing and my husband's office phone number.

All in all, I'd have to say that it was a smashing success. Thanks again for the inspiration.


chattypatra said...

You gave away the costumes? Amazing.

I'm surprised you didn't walk up to Jared and fix his hat. It would have driven me insane!

Excellent job, as always. You rock!

Our Little World said...


Grandma said...

Jared looks like he needs an "I'd rather be fly-fishing" sign in the 1st one. He does look like he's having fun in the other one! Good sport Alicia!!You make a pretty Lady Liberty. Nice job Carson!Is James sitting in the back eating the candy?:)

Michemily said...

Man, my band is looking for an x-ray costume as well. Do you think you could send it our way? ;)

Bahston Beans said...

Wow. I can't wait to see next year's!

Sarah said...


Cheryl said...

Awesome costumes, Amy! Wish I'd have come to your parade!

MarionR said...

OMG, Amy, this is too funny. MY LFP (Life Partner) Jason sain "They GAVE AWAY this intellectual property in the form of costumes?#!!! Are they crazy?"

Please do keep in mind: Jason once functioned as a "Kinetic Sculpture Race Kop", all 6 ft, 5 in of him and Officer of the Court.

Children in town, to this day, recall his costume.

Need one say more for effective market recognition?

Anonymous said...

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