Helluva Mood

July 16, 2009

I'm not sure why, but I am in quite the mood today.

For example, a few minutes ago I got an email from "Wells Fargo," telling me that they needed to verify some information on my bank account--specifically my social security number, my account number, and my password. The return email address was something like xyz6272@yahoo.com.

Mmm hmm.

On an average day, I simply delete those type of emails--as well as any messages I receive from orphaned African royalty (Don't you know I already wipe my ass with dollar bills? Why would I bother myself with your silly, little inheritance?). But today is different. Today, ignoring must have fallen right out of my tool box of coping skills.

So, instead of hitting delete I hit reply, I typed "Fu*& You" in the message box (except I used the real word), and then I hit the send button.

I can't say that it completely cured me of my crappy mood, but my goodness, it gave me a genuine rush for a second or two. I felt fabulous.

And now, to continue that fabulous feeling, I'm pretending to be my own secretary. It basically goes like this:

1. The phone rings.
2. I pick it up and say, "Hello, this is Amy Lawson's office. Can I help you?"
3. The person says, "Yes. Is she available?"
4. I say, "I'm very sorry, but she's not. May I take a detailed message and have her return your call?"
5. Then I hang up and call them right back.
6. Then they seem confused that my secretary and I sound so much alike.
7. Then I dismiss their comments with a professional sounding laugh.
8. Then I feel powerful.

So far it's working, I still feel fabulous.

And if that feeling of fabulousness starts to fade? Well friends, that's when a gigantic ice cream sundae will enter stage left.


P.O.M. said...

Wow- first comment. That's awesome.
I, too am the best secretary for myself. But I never give myself the messages. HA! "I looks like POM is in an all day meeting today. Perhaps you can call her back next week."

amylouwho said...

HA! I wish I'd read this yesterday. I need to try these tricks to get out of my foulness. Thanks for sharing and as always, making me laugh!

Rachel said...

When that sundae comes a knockin, I recommend eating some coconut M&MS with it. It's working for me :)

X-Country2 said...

I can't wait until I can use pregnancy hormones as an excuse to be bitchy to people. Right now, I'm just... bitchy.

runningtwig said...

I'm a long time reader and I must comment because lately your posts have been absolutely cracking me up! Good stuff.

Jillybean said...

I would have started with the sundae.

The Roberts' Report said...

Yesterday Larry asked me when I was going to start being NICE. Hmmmm...never.

Allison said...

I also use the "FU" reply to those scam emails. But I usually add something similar to "don't insult my intelligence by attempting to steal my identity"

Michemily said...

I heard that replying will just confirm that your email address actually exists and they'll send more. But anyway, that's hilarious about you being your own secretary. My cousin and I used to call each other's friends and see if they noticed that we weren't really who we said we were.

Taren said...

i love you right now.

Grandma said...

People who still other people's identities should never be allowed to have ice cream again.

Anonymous said...

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