Sense of Smell

July 18, 2009

I'm not sure about the science behind this, but now that I'm in my third trimester, everything smells.

My dog's breath smells just like a swiss cheese and salami sandwich on rye--even though those foods are clearly not a part of her therapeutic canine IBS diet. My kid's head smells exactly like spicy Thai peanut sauce--not his breath mind you, but his head. His four-year-old body on the other hand? Now that smells like sweat and Ju-Ju-Bees dipped in 2% milk.

And then there's my husband. Who just smells bad.

I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what his smell is, or precisely where it's coming from--the only thing I know for sure is that it's very pungent and it travels in waves. Sometimes I swear it comes from his mouth, other times I'd bet money that it's anal in origin. And then, just when I'm about to ask him if he farted clear up into my nose while I was distracted by Days of Our Lives, the smell seems to shift, and waft from his feet.

Sometimes it's spicy, other times it's sugary, but most of the time it's plain old defecation-y. And my heavens, I can hardly handle this type of uncertainty at a sensitive time like this. I should be worrying about Twinkies and Ho-Hos--not the fact that the people in my house all smell like chocolate covered hot dogs on a stick.

Last night, when Jared came home from work, he cracked open the mudroom door and yelled, "Hey Hon, I'm home!" James immediately left his Pinocchio movie in the dust (Side Note: Did you know that kids drink and smoke and say "jackass" in that movie? If that sounds interesting to you, it's available for rent at your local library.) and barreled to meet his Dad Almighty at the door.

Now I, on the other hand, stayed on the couch, gave a sniff or two and said, "Hi Jared! Have you been eating Doritos?"

He was like, "I ate Doritos three days ago with my lunch."

"Well you still smell like them. Can you jump in the shower before you come in here and hug me?"

And he was all, "No Amy. I've had three showers, mowed the lawn, and swam across the lake since I ate those Doritos. A shower won't help."

"Well were there any Doritos floating in the lake, Jared? I'm pretty sure you're contaminated."

And so on and so forth.

Now I know what you're all thinking--"Well Amy, what exactly do you smell like these days?" I'm gonna be completely honest with you right now--I smell like baby powder and lilac deodorant. This is no lie.

I know.

According to Jared I smell more like body odor and hair gel.

I have no idea where that man gets these things from.


Rhien Family said...

This is hilarious!!!!

When Laura was pregnant, she couldn't stand the smell of food. Pretty much any food, but especially food that was tasty. All meats made her sick.

So, for Thanksgiving, we gave her a scented candle which she basically strapped to her nose, so she wouldn't have to smell the turkey and ruin the day for everyone :)

Katy said...

Pregnant nose is wretched. Be glad James is out of diapers.

Grandma said...

I will fashion you some pine tree car air freshener earrings.

Our Little World said...

gross amy! just gross.

chattypatra said...

Eww! You are not making pregnancy sound very appealing, Amy. I'm scared. ;)

Hurricanehol said...

Men....I swear...I don't remember having odd smells or anyone smelling oddly to me when I was pregnant with either of my children....hrm....

I do have one question though....should we have not read this today? Did I have to wait until tomorrow or are you just reporting on what is *going* to happen? ;-) I kid only because half the time I don't know what the date is!!!

Amber Lynae said...

Ok the Dorito lake had me laughing. You are witty. And chocolate covered hot dogs.

You are lucky if he only smells because you are pregnant. My Hubby smells a lot, and I know where it originates.

X-Country2 said...

Damn, now I want some Doritos.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for still being able to crack me up, even in your third trimester! I remember Sarah making Jason keep the coffee maker in the garage when she was pregnant. And your mom's idea is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

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Team O'Connor said...

My coworker is in her third trimester and since we work on medical equipment she got the lovely task of checking out some incubators. Not the baby kind...the poop kind in the lab. For some reason I am super sympathetic to the pregnant plight (knowing one day that this karma will return) and I offered to check the poop cookers for her since just talking about the smell was making her dry heave. Well some things are bad pregnant or not. I wore a super thick mask, breathed through my mouth the whole time and still had a moment of dry heaving.
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