Let's Get Real Update

August 31, 2009

Well, let me just say that so far, the Let's Get Real: Perfect People Lie challenge is a roaring success. I've gotten about forty entries so far, and I won't lie, you people are seriously disgusting.

And that was a joke.
What I meant to say was, "...you people are seriously my soul sisters."

I'll do my best to keep my promise and compile the links into one, easy-to-read post tomorrow. But you know me, due dates are always quite flexible--especially the ones that I've set for myself.

In other news, do you remember that song Glycerine by that band Bush? Well it came on the radio this morning as I was driving from work to the post office, and hoo boy it really made me sob--like snot-falling-into-my-lap sob. I don't think it's a particularly touching song, and actually, I couldn't quote the lyrics if my life depended on it, but dude, I was an official mess.

Pregnancy is so cute.

And in other news, James seems to have outgrown every single pair of shoes that he owns while he was sleeping last night. His Batman shoes? Too tight. His Hot Wheels shoes? Couldn't get 'em on. His Lightning McQueen shoes? Poked a hole right through the front. And his plain-old-non-commercial-shoes? He simply doesn't own any.

Either this kid knows that Payless is now carrying light-up Transformers velcros, or he's telling me the truth. It's very hard to know.

Keep the pictures coming in!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it never took much to get me bawling when I was preggers!

get that boy some shoes! Too funny!!

X-Country2 said...

I'm so excited to see these links!

Grandma said...

Pile those sneakers with the trike! Yikes, that was a quick outgrow!

Kim said...

I'm just reading about your challenge now. Just took pictures and will post shortly!

Cheryl said...

I took pictures of my messy house, but then I was too lazy to figure out once again how to get them from camera to computer and then to my blog without being giant all-day downloads. I have a couple of clean areas that are courtesy of Mrs. Clean (Sarah) visiting and helping me clean, but the rest of the place is much worse than your mess! Trust me.
I love reading about your pregnancy emotions! Even in tears, you crack me up.

Michemily said...

So let's just say that the desire to read your blog got me out of my hospital bed at 4 AM. I snuck into an office and am using the computer. That's a sign of a pretty awesome blog. Congratulations.