The Get Real Gallery

September 2, 2009

Ta da! Twenty-something reasons to help you feel a little more normal today. Thanks for all of your participation, I love you guys!

I had to laugh at my old college roomate's comment. She was like, "Sorry, I can't participate in this one, I'm a total neat freak."

And I was all, "I know. Remember when you made that cute sign that said, 'Don't Forget to Wash the Dishes,' and I accidentally dropped in it a bowl of tomato soup and left it that way for two weeks?' You were really mad at me."

Anywho, without further ado I bring you many, many fabulous links:

Vanessa shares here mini-mess with us here.

Jane on the other hand, gives us the full monty.

Chelle gives us a tour of her place.

Mindy's house here.

Here is M.A.'s. Don't laugh. (I'm just quoting her)

Those cobwebs made me smile from ear to ear--because we have matching ones!

Mel B is keeping it real.

Pam's not afraid of a little honesty.

Leila graces us with some beauty pictures.

And then there's Mrs. Furious, who's never afraid to share her sh*t with the world.

You can peek inside my #1 fan's house here. (I have to say things like that, she's unstable.)

Life with the Grovers looks a lot like this.

Meet Bloggin' Betty. She is special.

Turtle keeps one heck of a normal shell.

We have matching playrooms--except mine had dark faux-wood panelling and hers doesn't. Peasant.

Sarah says this will be better after her kids go back to school. That rule doesn't apply to me.

Sami's not afraid to tell it like it is.

Deb has two washers and two dryers! Now that's just crazy. At least her heart is in the right place.

Honestly Rachel, not bad at all for having four kids!

Why lie? Kim needs a maid. Apparently we all do.

Lyndsie gets an A+ for folding. She's still working on the 'putting away' part.

And then there's my mother, who doesn't really understand what 'messy' means.

I also have some good pictures of Cat's office, but my computer refuses to let me share her mess with you. Just close your eyes, and picture a nice, stiff wind not-so-gently blowing through your computer room. There.

If I missed anyone, let me know...


X-Country2 said...

Best post ever! Thank you a million times to everyone who participated. Made my morning. :o)

chattypatra said...

I would have won this contest, hands down, but no way in heck do I have the guts to post the evidence online.

Hey, go check out my blog for a laugh. :)

Sarah said...

#1 Vanessa's "mess" still looks like a picture out of Real Simple.

#2 These people have some fabulous houses.

#3 I never realized how much you stifled your messy nature when we lived together. You must have had constant anxiety whilst living with me! You poor thing. You should have seen the cleaning schedule I made for my other three roommates and I after you left!

#4 I'm convinced that if my child were mobile or if I had a few more kiddos, I'd have some pictures to post. Really.

mommymelb said...

Fun! Thanks everyone for sharing. I almost feel inspired to go clean up my house...*almost* :)

Amber Lynae said...

I am going to show this to my husband, so he can see that I am not the only one who doesn't do all my house work chores.

V and Co. said...

hmmm i see my "mess" isn't good enough to be thought of as an actual mess just a mini mess...okay fine i admit it, i'm anal...but you have to admit, i did try.

Bahston Beans said...

Can I move into these houses?! Maybe I could serve as a cleaning service in exchange for room and board.

Charlotte said...

Thanks again, Amy. I will cherish this post (which means adding it to my favorites and therefore checking it daily) for the rest of eternity.

Anonymous said...

Amy - I LOVE this post. It made me feel so good about myself!

Chief said...

Holy sh!t batman! If I am your official number 1 fan then I have work to do.

book signings

I am going to need to get a copy of your daily know, just so I can manage stuffs. e-mail will be fine.

pam said...

oh man. . . loved it. you should make a new reality tv show about not making over messy homes. . .

Bloggin Betty said...

Thanks for helping me realize that having a filthy house is actually a badge of honor! Sniffle, sniffle...

Krista said...

Amy, once again, thank you for making me feel normal. :)

Mz. Cat said...

Thanks for the mention... the office isnt much better then when I sent those pictures... Heehee!

Mel said...

lol. I didn't get to it (see house drama issues for reasons) but I've decided to document the new place from the beginning JUST for you :)

Now if we ever actually move in that would be nice. I'm going to start looking up realty lawyers I think.

HotMommy said...

I was late reading the challenge, but posted mine anyway. Loved this! It made my day.