Too Hungry

August 11, 2009

Hello. I'm around. I'm simply too hungry to come up with a good post right now. Much, much, much too hungry.

I'm starving.

Have I mentioned that already?


chattypatra said...

Well, chucks, then mosey on over to my blog and read the 4 or more posts I have written in the past few days. I need at least one reader, you know!

Chief said...

I have heard the is a place near by that sells chocolate goodness the size of you ass cheek, you might want to check it out

Amber Lynae said...

Is there a reason you are hungry and not eating something???? Well it is probably better than my eating habits anyhow. I eat too much. I could stand to be a little hungry.

P.O.M. said...

I have a ton of snacks in my hotel room - wish I could share with ya. The carmel corn is da bomb!

Reluctant Runner said...

Repeat after me: "I'm eating for two, I'm eating for two, I'm eating for two..."

Now go on out there and get yourself an ice cream sundae or something.