Almost Ready to Launch

January 5, 2009

If I can get four or five more entrants by midnight tonight, then my heart will be satisfied, my office walls won't be so bare, and the contest will be exploding with fun.

Friends, The Fantastic, Asstastic Photo Challenge of 2010 is almost ready to launch.

I know. It won't be easy to sleep tonight.

See the two previous posts for details.


Mindy said...

I just took my photo... I'll get it on here later today. Wait for me, okay? ;)

Bahston Beans said...

I will take a glamour shot tonight for you!

Andrea said...

Love it. I'll be sending a photo soon.

Mike Russell said...

Get those photos up and posted!

Karen said...

I'm sorry I really can't join because my ass is too wide for the camera lens.

funderson said... have pictures of butts on your office walls???