It Came From My Husband's Colon

August 24, 2010

I have no idea how Jared will be able to get through his day at work. Now it's not anything super horrible like a law suit, or a pink slip, or a seven hour conference call without a six foot sandwich, but it's almost as bad.

The man has an incredible case of the farts right now.

Last night, his gas was so intense, that it woke me out of a dead sleep at least three or four times. There I was, floating through a gigantic dreamy room full of helium balloons, when all of the sudden I was startled awake. But instead of screaming, I was like, "Oh, ew. Oh my..... *cough cough* Jared, I think I'm choking!" And I was forced to throw open the sash, stick my head into the cold night air, and fight for my breath--just like the dad in The Night Before Christmas.

Let's just go ahead and file the whole experience under the WRETCHED tab.

This morning, I've got to admit that the insane farting had wandered away from my mind. I was definitely more focused on slapping together a couple of triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwiches--you know, for my professional health care provider husband. He likes Goldfish crackers and juice boxes, too--but not Capri Suns, I think they're too sugary for his body.

I finished making his lunch and hopped into the shower--and let me just say that I love my morning shower. It's all hot, and steamy (I'm being literal here, so let's just choose the right, okay?), and no one bothers me. It's the eight minutes I have to myself every day, and I will freely admit that I cherish and protect that time above all else.

So there I was, soaping up my undercarriage, when all the sudden, I caught a whiff of something fierce. Something that reminded me all to well of a moldy salami and cheese sandwich, in a cow barn, with poop stacked up to the ceiling. It came from my husband's colon, and it was humid in that bathroom, so the smell just lingered.

The rest of the morning was filled with occasional bursts of that same horrific--and confusing--smell. Jared said he was trying to get it all out of his system since his day is totally stacked with patients. Well, I hope he laid something completely amazing in his station wagon during his morning commute, because I can promise that they weren't getting any milder around the dining room table.


He agreed. If he needs to let one rip, he'll do it in the vault (his office used to be a bank). After all, if once upon a time it safely contained millions of dollars, it should definitely be able wrangle a little ol' fart or two, right?

Man I hope so.


Mindy said...

Oh my gosh, maybe Jared and I ate the same thing yesterday. I was in Walmart with the fam and my husband who was clear across the $5 movie bin whispered fiercely, "who farted??" My daughter, in between the two of us said, "Dad, you did! It smells like it came from over there". I'm laughing until I cry and admitting it was me. Aubrey said she couldn't even smell it when she turned her head towards me... only towards Brandon. Apparently I can throw my farts now. I'm hoping to master this skill... I think it could really come in handy.

Pam said...

What are you feeding that poor boy? LOL

MB said...

Must be all those good veggies you're feeding him lately. I hope he works them all out at the office before coming home tonight.

Lynda said...

I think my husband has the same problem. He let out a fart so potent the other night my eyes were watering as I dry heaved. I ended up sleeping in my son's room for fear that his stink would awaken me again. I have never smelled anything so horrific. This post totally made my day.

Grandma said...

He didn't even try to blame Gracie?:)

Alicia Lawson said...

Ohmygosh! It must be a Lawson thing because let me tell you I had the same thing happen the other night... only I stormed out of our bedroom with my pillow and blanket. You are a good wife Amy, there is no way I would have hung around!

Karen said...

Only a wife could write a whole post about her husband's farts!

Lady Hermione said...

OMG... can you send Jared my way... I have some ex-staff members who need to smell what a "true" stinky fart is... they freaked with little 5 & 6 y/o farts... they need a true does of it.... can you bottle some maybe so I can give out for Christmas...huh???

ClumberKim said...

It's been a long time before I laughed so hard I cried before finishing my coffee. Thank you.

Charming's Mama said...

That is too funny, to bad there isn't a dog at his office he can blame it on.

I posted on the same subject just last evening, if you want another good laugh.

tattered and tender said...


you are too funny

JC said...

Oh gosh, I am actually laughing so hard I am crying. I get married in a week and now I know what I have in store for me.

(Just one of your stalkers, um fans, had to let you know that I can't remember how I found your blog, but love to stop in for a laugh!)