August 18, 2010

This is my Maggie.



Still smiling:

After ten months as my work sidekick extraordinaire, Maggie started part-time daycare this week. It wasn't a decision that was forced by anyone else, I just felt like it was time. Recently, Maggie's grown to absolutely hate my office (huh, wonder where she picked up on that vibe), and I can't remember the last time I actually carried a professional task to completion--so we both shipped out to greener pastures. And her pasture is overflowing with Little Tykes toys.

According to our Most Saintly Daycare Provider of Angle Voices and Heavenly Hosts, Maggie had a good time on her first day. She was super smiley, and just sort of observed the other kids while she sat in the middle of the floor and banged on the top of a plastic barnyard.

James let me know that Maggie likes toys and friends much, much more than she likes file cabinets and my fax machine.

And me? Well, I'm just proud that I finally got her out of pajamas. Milestones all around.


Jimmy said...

She's as huggable as they get!

We live in a Zoo! said...

Sounds like you both have it better off that way :D

funderson said...

Lands-a-goshen is she ever cute!

Bahston Beans said...

Hi Maggie! Big hugs!

Pam said...

Awww... she seems to be looking a little less trollish these days! haha Seriously, she is a total cutie.

(Oh, and BTW we COULD be FB friends, but there are about 90 bajillion Amy Lawsons. It would take a long time to send requests to all of those. Probably be quicker for you to look up Pam Yarbrough French.)

Michemily said...

Maybe she's just smiling because she's heard that phrase, "Fake it til you make it." I take that back. That was a real downer. She's a cutie, alright.

Grandma said...

oh are so cute:))) and I just knew you would love your new location...enough w/ the filing for Mom!!xo

Karen said...

Going to daycare is a big step. Looks like she's going to love it.

Anonymous said...

Yay for milestones! I need to meet Maggie. She looks just like James. =)

tattered and tender said...

oh my- she is so beautiful.
You make good babies kiddo.