I Haven't Aged a Bit

October 23, 2010

Check out what popped up on Facebook last night:
Obviously, I was Run DMC. Obviously.

That was 2002 but it feels more like yesterday. I had been married for three months and Jared was working late at a fancy restaurant. I swung by WalMart on my way home from work, purchased that fine sweatsuit straight off the rack, rocked it at my friend's 21st birthday party, and returned it the next day. Totally on the up and up.

The Run DMC picture prompted me to click through all the pictures I've been tagged in. This was also 2002, two or three weeks after I got married:
I'm the third from the left, which is obvious, because eight years and two kids later, I still look exactly the same. Seriously, the texture of my butt cheeks hasn't changed at all.

I haven't changed much since this picture either:
I don't need to tell you which one is me.

 Here I am with my cousin Kelly, looking sharp for the holidays:
When I saw this picture I immediately started complaining to Jared about the Santa socks my mom forced me to wear, and how they didn't match the outfit. He was like, Yeah, those socks are totally the problem here--not the bow tie, or the collar, or the hammer pants--definitely the socks." See mom?

And this is eight grade. I'm the third from the left in the back row. And that sexy pants sitting next to me with the glasses? He was my first love:
According to his Facebook profile, he has an MBA from Yale and makes approximately one gazillion dollars annually. He wrote,

Dear Amy,
I sincerely hope I marry you someday.
I love you.

on the back of my Eighth Grade yearbook. To which I say,

Dear Craig,
It's not too late to work something out.
I'm sure I can learn to love you.

What kind of pictures are you tagged in on Facebook? I hope you make a blog post and put a link in the comments. I'd love to make fun of you!


Amy said...

That holiday outfit takes the cake. It's a shame your mom ruined it with those socks. Fortunately, my friends and family have been kind enough to refrain from facebooking any photos from my awkward decade.

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

There's this wonderful little button on facebook called "Remove tag." I use it frequently.

Christina McKinney said...

I still think yours are better, but I posted a few of the "gems" I found on FB :)


Grandma said...

You both could have been forced to wear holiday-themed sweaters,too....ya know?!

funderson said...

simply awesome...

Bahston Beans said...

Don't you dare untag any of my pictures of you. I will retag you ever single day. You know I have the willpower to make that happen.