Second Ever "Lawsons did Dallas!" Dog Naming Competition

October 27, 2010

If Jared J. Lawson ever doubts my love and devotion, I certainly won't need to say anything in my own defense. I'll just point to this guy:

It's true.

He's five months old, he's a German Shorthaired Pointer, and in a very strange moment of longing to fill the dog-shaped hole in my husband's life, I bought him a bird hunting dog. You know, something to match the shotgun I impulse-bought for him back in 2008.

I pulled up in front of Jared's office with the puppy perched in Maggie's car seat, and you should have seen Jared's face--it was a mix between 'Oh my word, as soon as I get a pick-up truck, all of my wildest dreams will be true!' and 'I just whizzed in my britches!'  Because he did--he took an involuntary leak right there in his work pants.

The puppy's still nameless. James and I settled on Heeza Trigger Von Lawson Doodle (Trigger for short), but apparently that name's not fancy enough for Jared's super refined taste--you know, flannel and blaze orange and whatnot.

Trigger's still not off the table completely, but Jake's up there, too. And so is Coach, and Moxie, and Doc, and Baxter.

And now, I'm officially opening the floor for suggestions with the Second Ever "Lawsons did Dallas!" Dog Naming Contest.

(Remember this guy? I wonder how he's doing...I actually think about him a lot.)

(You can see the first contest here. It's so vintage. If you remember it, you're totally a super fan.)


The Stiffs said...

I think Trigger suits him. I like Mac and Ruger too. Our dog's name is Tucker. Don't do what we did. Make sure his names passes that goofy name song test first. Tucker, Tucker Bo Bucker, Banana Fanna Fo .... See what I mean?

Zach and Hannah Parris said...

I like Trigger (my husband had a pony named Trigger when he was a kid). I also think he could be a Bruce.

When we got our dog from the shelter, he was known as Humper. That was quickly changed to Mr. Wilson. Once, though, while we were walking downtown, someone from the shelter recognized him and starting yelling "Humper!" at us. It was awkward.

K said...

Samson or Sidney
Trigger does sound like a good huntin' dog name. He's beautiful.
How about bullet? Or mullet? haha

Kim said...

The Stiffs comment reminded me of when I was singing that song with my preschooler class. One of the girls was named Alice.

Banana Fanna Fo Fal . . . uh

Briana Sweeney said...

Hi Amy - I have been a long time reader, and love your blog. I don't generally comment though, i'm more of a glorified lurker. I'm woring on it. I like the name Bartholomew. Bart for short. I'm not sure why, it just strikes me as a nice solid name. Good luck with the pup!!

Rachel said...

How 'bout Angus or Gustaf? You know, 'cuz he's German?! You can shorten it to Gus, for either.

jed-laura said...






Browning - Brand of firearm




Orion - From the Greek mythology: Orion was a mighty hunter.



Remington - After a firearms manufacturer.
Remi - Short for Remington.



Drake - After a male mallard duck

Rugar - Brand of firearm

Duke - Ideal name for hunting dogs



Gauge - Important part of a gun


Theron - "Hunter."




Cheryl said...

How about Winchester? You could call him Chester or Chet for short.

Pam said...


Name him Hitler.

Eileen Short said...

Personally I like Trigger...

It's horrible to admit this (but what better place)...I read all the comments seeing if I liked any of the suggestions for my son, due this February. :)

Tempting as Winchester is...

Mindy said...

You should've seen Brandon's eyes light up at the mention of a german shorthair. He said "oooooohhh" when I showed him the picture. He couldn't think of a name, though. Sorry. ;)

Tall Blonde said...

No idea why these came to mind..He's a cutie..(err I mean a fierce killer!) So I am sure you can't go wrong whatever you chose. Congrats on your latest addition!

Anonymous said...

I remember that guy! I wonder how he is, too.

I think the pup could be a Monty.

Patti said...

Hunting dog...Fetch?!?!?

Karen said...

Trigger reminds me of a horse, so that won't do. I'm thinking Harrison and you can call him Harry.

wendy said...

My sister had a dog once.
She took it to the vet
Vet asked for dogs name
she said "deeoggee"
how do you spell that asked vet
D. O. G.

Chelsea said...

Do the two dogs get along so far?

He's very cute! I mean, manly... ;)

I don't have any name ideas for you, sorry!

Krista said...

Do you see that faraway look in his eye? And the flapping of his left ear in the wind? That dog is destined to be named "Dude"

Chelsea said...

I like Baxter, but I'm probably in the minority AND I'm just some rando from the Internet.

Chelsea said...

I also just read somebody's suggestion of Fetch and would go for that as well. Also, Dude is hilarious.

queenannslace said...

I like Mr Barker, and on less formal occasions just Barker. Had a friend with a dog named Mr Walker, she often confused people by saying I must leave as Mr Walker is waitng in the car. We have Frank and Maisie (that's helpful lol).The girls have a water bowl with "good dog" written inside it, I'm sure this has reinforced good behaviour!!!!

M.A. said...

We are sticking with themes with our dogs: they have all had Norweigan names. We have had a Sven, an Ole and now a Ragnar (all Viking names). My husband believes if we give them strong names, they will be fierce; ironically, they have all been the biggest wieners ever. I suppose the name "Ragnar," (means "strong army") is a tough one to live up to, and his being scared of birds and sprinklers just makes my husband shake his head in disappointment and pity of what could have been.

I vote for "Trigger," because it sounds tough. But what do I know. Our track record with toughness sucks.

Melyni said...


Michemily said...

Well, it sounds like Trigger is pretty permanent, but why not a good German name? Like Markus? Or Eberhard? Or Lukas? Or Frank?

EB said...

I think you should name him Moxie. It's so regional, right? Just fits. Also Baxter is awsome. And Trigger. So, there I really helped narrow that down!
Erin Bradley

Bahston Beans said...

Hershey Squirts. You can call him Squirt for short.

Tanya Gough said...

Trigger sounds like a winner, but with all the talk about guns I thought John Wayne would be a fun name.

Elizabeth said...

My husband is an astronomy teacher, so he names all his hunting dogs after stars (Sirius, Cassiopeia (Cassi), and Capella (Ella). Maybe Jared could follow the same rational and name them after parts of the spine? Come on, you know you want an excuse to yell "SACRUM!" or "COCCYX!" or the ever-popular "CERVICAL!" at the top of your lungs to call the dog home or when he does something you don't like.

BrianFlash said...

Colt. That is both a gun manufacturer and the name of Kara Goucher's new baby so it should satisfy the hunter and runner in the household.

Anonymous said...

Cooper! Love that name! Or Murphy, Rocky, Cosmo, Loki, or Wyatt.

funderson said...


Cheryl said...

Well, Trigger is nice, but I can't stop thinking of Roy Rogers' horse when I hear that name. :-) If you want a German name, there's Hans, Johan, Fritz, Klaus, Adolf... OK, scratch that one! I like Baxter the best of all the names I see here, but you know, there are probably a million dogs in Maine named Baxter. Or Katahdin. How about Snoopy??? ;-)

gene said...

i think i said this last time, too.
name him "stay" so you can say, "come here, Stay!"
OR "Pat". ? yep. "Pat" the dog. get it?
how about "Diogee." say it....not DIEogee. DEEOHGEE.

Tammy said...

I will admit, I'm becoming partial to Gunner.

Cheryl said...

Cooper and Murphy are nice names. But those are my dogs' names. :-)

Our Life with 3 Pups said...

Hunt, Hunter, Huntley, Huntington, Jaegar,

Brian said...

heya's a bit of Maine comin' back to me! Devil Dog! chocolate on top, whipped cream below!